Short essay on water pollution
Short essay on water pollution

Short essay on water pollution

Short essay on water pollution ,where you find a lot of information about the importance of water and the causes of water pollution and how to protect water from pollution until life continues. All of this will be found here in short essay on water pollution.

Short essay on water pollution

There is no doubt that water is the most important sources of nature, it is the secret of our existence and we must know the causes of water pollution and ways to preserve it until life continues . All that information you will find here in short essay on water pollution.

 Water pollution

The subject of water pollution is one of the important topics that concerned environmentalists and specialists in the fields of pollution.

The importance of this topic is because it revolves around water, and we all know the necessity of water in our life and its importance, it is the basis of our existence and the existence of everything.

There are many sources that pollute water. Water pollution is meant to be unsuitable for use. The causes of water pollution are:

The residues left behind by humans and animals, and the waste of plants, such as the leakage of sewage to underground water.

Contaminated rainwater is a source of contaminated sources and causes. It carries with it pollutants and bacteria suspended in the air.

Insecticides: Insecticides that spray on trees and plants pollute lakes and canals.

Leakage of oil derivatives to the seas and oceans, and this occurs in several ways, including the sinking of tankers in the sea , or as a result of the cleaning of these tankers.

We can eliminate the problem of water pollution by avoiding the causes, for example, we can use oil as an alternative to coal.

Also we can reduce water pollution by wastewater treatment in cities and villages, it is important to address this problem before inflation and the arrival of polluted water to the bodies of water and lakes.

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