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Research on pollution doc
Research on pollution doc

Research on pollution doc

Research on pollution doc, contains all the important information about pollution , you will find here the types of pollution and its sources and how to reduce pollution in the environment and all that information you will find here in research on pollution doc

Research on pollution doc

Pollution has become one of the biggest problems and crises that face and threaten the life of living organisms on the planet ,and here you will find all the information that interests you in detail  in  research on pollution doc.


Pollution is a widespread global phenomenon, which means harming the environment, its components and resources through a range of pollutants, which leads to the imbalance and illness of nature directly or indirectly.This harms all components of land, water, air, plants, animals.

 There are many types of contaminants such as gaseous pollutants such as smoke ,or liquid materials such as sewage ,or solid materials such as waste. In this article we will talk about pollution, its types and sources, ways to reduce it and mitigate its negative effects in some detail.

Sources of pollution;

Pollution is divided into two types:

Natural pollution: pollution caused by natural phenomena in which humans do not intervene, such as earthquakes, wind, hurricanes, and other things that pollute the atmosphere with dust and sand.

Industrial Pollution: It is the pollution caused by the various human activities and behaviors, especially in the various industrial fields, and the waste of factories is one of the main sources of this pollution.

Types of pollution;

There are many types of pollution, including:

Water pollution: And the water corruption makes it not suitable for human use, and because water is the foundation of life for all creatures and organisms, the pollution and corruption of it is the most severe crises and problems at all because it threatens human health and often threatens his life. And population congestion is one of the main causes, in addition to the discharge of wastewater and thrown in clean seas.

Air Pollution: Air pollution means various chemicals and gases, including carbon monoxide, chlorofluorocarbons, etc., caused by industry and wars, for example.

Soil pollution: This is the pollution that spoils the soil with the chemical substances that it absorbs from different sources, changing its properties and negatively affecting all the creatures that live above it. It occurs as a result of excessive use of pesticides.

Noise pollution: pollution is the result of disturbing sources, which spread chaos and cause distress and inconvenience to all around, and cars are their main source across the world.

Reduce pollution;

There are many behaviors that will reduce the problem of pollution:

To spread awareness among people about the causes and dangers of pollution and its negative effects through the institutions and the state itself.

The removal of factories with their emissions and their waste from populated areas.

Place the filters on the water taps, which purify the water before drinking it.

Reducing the use of pesticides and agricultural fertilizers that transport chemicals to soil and crops, thus endangering the life of their access.

Remove sewage from artesian wells and clean water sources so as not to get water pollution.

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