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Pollution research
Pollution research

Pollution research

Pollution research ,for all researchers in this field, whether they are specialists or learners or interested in general information about pollution and environmental impact and the impact of pollution on the human, animal, plant and all living organisms and affect the soil, water and surrounding air. All that information you will find here in pollution research.

Pollution research 

Environmental pollution;

 Environmental pollution  happens because of human activities which is destructive to the natural environment. Pollution is the most destructive thing. All forms of pollution are known to disturb people in their lives on Earth.

 When pollution occurs, undesirable imbalance occurs in the natural environmental balance, leaving behind many damage to the environment and all living organisms.

Causes of environmental pollution;

Industrial progress.

Increasing the population density, the population increase is larger than  the number of natural resources in the environment.

Gases and vapors.

Smoke rising from factories, transportation, and fires.

Changes in temperature on the ground.

Natural pollutants caused by natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanoes.




Radiation materials.

solid waste.

Types of environmental pollution;

Environmental pollution is of several types:

water pollution, where water is contaminated by acid rainwater contaminated with gases, industrial waste, sewage, oil pollution and leaking, radioactive waste and pesticides.

Air pollution, where air is contaminated by suspended solids such as smoke, dust, pollen, pesticide spray, and fumes and gases such as carbon dioxide, ozone gas, chlorine, bacterial  contamination , human waste, industrial radiation, and nuclear radiation.

Soil pollution, through the accumulation of solid waste on the ground or buried in the soil, and the use of toxic pesticides.

Pollution of noise, where this pollution occurs from the noise of machines, and means of transport in all its forms.

Pollution resulting from solid and hazardous waste.

Environmental pollution damage;

 Pollution contains many damages, including: severe human damage, mental disorders, mania, impaired hearing, mental retardation, depression, respiratory diseases, and heart disease.

The inability of the land to renew its sources and resources.

Erosion of the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful radiation.

Instability of the climate situation, and acid rain on the earth.

Pollution reduces the visibility of the upper atmosphere due to air pollution.

Global warming that harms the earth and what it is on it.

The occurrence of a biological imbalance, that is, a disruption of animal and plant diversity, and the extinction of one or several species.

Increasing desertification, and increasing soil poverty and salinity.

Pollution of usable water and difficulty in purifying pollutants.

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