Presentation on the Eiffel Tower
Presentation on the Eiffel Tower

Presentation on the Eiffel Tower

Presentation on the Eiffel Tower, contains very important details and valuable information about the Eiffel Tower and also some facts you did not know about the Eiffel Tower. All of this will be found here in the English presentation on the Eiffel Tower.

Presentation on the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most beautiful towers in the world and it is a title for France in general and Paris in particular and here you will find all the details you want to know so that you can present the presentation in English on the Eiffel Tower.


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Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is a famous Parisian landmark .It is a metal wrought iron tower that the government of France   built it.

The aim of its construction was to establish a landmark during the Paris International Exposition in 1889 to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution.

The Eiffel Tower has entered history for several reasons, most notably is its revolution in the world of civil engineering which is a magnificent application of the latest achievements in the world of construction in its time,it was also has new standards of architectural beauty in the age of modernity. 

Building the Eiffel Tower

Gustav Eiffel is the responsible for the construction of the Eiffel Tower after participating in a competition organized by the French government to design a monument.

The competition committee approved the design of Gustav Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower was built between 1887 and 1889 and was based on low costs ,and became accessible to people on May 15, 1889.

Facts about the Eiffel

Tower There are several facts and information about the Eiffel Tower, the most important of which are:

The Eiffel Tower was completed on March 31, 1889, and remained the world’s tallest tower for 411 years until 1930. 

The Eiffel Tower weighs 10,100 tons.  Its length with the antennas installed on it is about 324 m.

Until 1973, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building and landmark in France;until the military transmitter building was built in the city of Siesak,. Also the Milo Bridge, which is longer than the Eiffel Tower, is 343 meters long and was completed in 2004.

When you reach the top of the Eiffel Tower, you need to climb 16655 degrees.

The size of the Eiffel Tower in the winter shrinks to less than 66 inches.

The number of visitors to the Eiffel Tower since its opening  was estimated at 250,000,000.  About 7,000,000 people visit the tower each year.

The construction of the Eiffel Tower took a total of two years, two months and five days .

Every seven years the Eiffel Tower is repainted again and its paint needs about 600 tons of paint.

There is a collection of copies that resemble the Eiffel Tower around the world, including a copy in China. And another copy in the American city of Las Vegas.

The construction of the Eiffel Tower was used in telegraph transmissions, which contributed to its maintenance.

The Eiffel Tower has 2,500,000 nails and 180,000 pieces of metal.

About 20,000 light bulbs is used every night for Eiffel Tower lighting .


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