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Presentation about visual tricks
Presentation about visual tricks

Presentation about visual tricks

Presentation about visual tricks,and a lot of very important information about visual tricks  and how to do it and the most important pillars on which you rely on to offer visual tricks, whether in television or theaters. You will find all of this in the Presentation about visual tricks.

Presentation about visual tricks

There is no doubt that many people are very attracted to performances that are held in many places to offer visual tricks and light tricks. Here we will learn about the secrets of visual tricks and how they depend on the mind tremendously. All here in the presentation about visual tricks in English.


Hello … My name is … I will present to you today a presentation about the  Visual deception , I hope you will like it. I will answer all questions in the end with pleasure.


What is visual deception

Visual deception is to see the image in front of you on a fact that is not its real fact, because of deceit or mislead vision.

Where visual deception occurs because the information collected by the eye is processed in the brain in a way that produces false results that are not identical to reality and truth.

And hence the trick is based on many possibilities, the most important are delusions that occur naturally and cognitively in addition to the special delusions.

What is important is that most of the visual tricks that take place are the installation of images next to each other in a deliberate manner to produce the desired results.

Types of visual tricks

Types of visual tricks Tricks of color, and tricks related to geometric shapes. This type of trick depends on the geometric shapes and this type of trick is called “Roger Panrose”.

And there are tricks that involve the process of moving images as a trick of three-dimensional image of the animation.

Finally, there are deceptions related to sizes and measurements. These tricks are called “Milar Lier”.

The reality of visual tricks

It is worth mentioning that optical tricks are generally a kind of different illusion, where delusions are known as distortions that occur in the five senses namely hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch.

Where the five senses are human sensors, which can collect the necessary information as a result of interaction with the environment to help him in the process of making different decisions.

Where all these senses work within an integrated system formulated by Allah, the mind depends on the work on these five senses, which can be the main function in the decision-making of various things that are encountered in his life, and in each position .

Lightness and visual tricks players

Some of the players of lightness  use methods of visual deception to entertain the audience.And they are skilled in this and know the secrets of the human mind and how to think and what attracts your attention and where you will look and so on.

All that we see on television and in these shows is based on illusion, in a way or a trick that they invented to attract people to their different shows ,and this type of shows is one of the favorite types of people where they find entertainment .


Thank you for your kind attention … I hope you have liked the subject. If you have questions, I will answer them with pleasure.

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