Paragraph on mother
Paragraph on mother

Paragraph on mother

Paragraph on mother in English where you find a lot of words expressing the virtues of the mother and how she suffers and experiences the pain and sadness so that the children feel happy .The mother is the supporter of her children at all times of their lives. All of this will be found here in paragraph on mother .

Paragraph on mother

If you want to know the value of the mother, you should consider the situation of families without a mother and compare their situation now and their condition before the departure of the mother , so she is the real wealth in this life. We will know here about the virtues of the mother and our duty towards her in paragraph on mother.You will find here more than one paragraph so that you can choose what suits your ideas.

 The first paragraph

Mother is the spring of tenderness, affection and safety for everyone around her. She carries her child for nine months and suffers a lot of trouble and hardships during pregnancy, until he is born on this world and start a new journey in life.She is the first  the child see in this world and feels her warmth and tenderness. She deserves all respect and appreciation for what she does towards her children and family.Mother, when she gives birth to her child aches so much,  This pain will be as much as breaking twenty-five bones of the human body.

The second paragraph

Mother understands the nature of each stage of her children, from childhood to adolescence, to the youth stage, where dealing with them in a proper manner and in a manner suited to each stage; to adopt  true and strong personalities of generations . The mother transmits the culture, customs, values ​​and principles of her society to her children.The mother instills the love of education in the hearts of her children, and follow the stages of their education with interest. Mother is the source of love and tenderness in the house.

The third paragraph

The rights of the mother to her children are many, such as the kindness of her children to her, fulfilling her needs, good companionship and love and reverence in the soul and heart. Obey her orders.After her death, we shall pay her debts, and to make charity for her, to make Hajj or Omra for her if we can, to visit her relatives and friends after her death, because she would have received all this things. 

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