My favorite restaurant essay
My favorite restaurant essay

My favorite restaurant essay 12 models

My favorite restaurant essay ,The places we prefer vary according to our taste, culture and mood, along with our experience and our first impression of the place. Today I will talk about my favorite restaurant that I went to one day and leave me feeling calm and happy as well as the quality of the food and its tasty taste. All this will be found here in My favorite restaurant essay

My favorite restaurant essay

Places we prefer vary depending on our taste, culture, mood, previous experience and our first impression of the place.

Today, I will talk about my favorite restaurant that I visited one day and left an impression of calm and quietness as well as the quality of the food and it’s tasty taste.

Italian cuisine is one of the most famous kitchens around the world and is one of the most luxurious and characteristic cuisines in the world. It is the origin of pasta and pizza that is unparalleled anywhere else.

The Italian restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding and magnificent food establishments in my city. Characterized by the quiet atmosphere, its light-colored interior and its elegant, glamorous decor, it was once a cafe before turning into a restaurant with many qualities of the former.

The restaurant offers delicious dining options, with Italian authentic flavor. Waiters in the restaurant are friendly and respectful.

This place is no less than a typical example of how to build a restaurant.

The restaurant serves many famous Italian meals.

The chicken soup with cream is a great start to any meal, and I have not found a restaurant serving it as here. I prefer the Chicken Caesar Salad after it.

My favorite dishes are the fettuccine Alfredo pasta with chicken, grilled chicken with cream and mushroom sauce. I love pizza of all kinds. They are all delicious and different options. Parmesan cheese is a good choice to accompany any Italian dish.

Canoloni Agnolotti with garlic and rosemary is one of the best Italian dishes. Agnolotti is a stuffed pasta and is very similar to ravioli, served with some rosemary and garlic. This dish is one of the distinctive foods in Italian cuisine.

Rap Arancini broccoli with marinara sauce is one of the best Italian dishes. It is rice balls with well fried broccoli and characterized by its golden color and served with marinara sauce.

The restaurant also offers different types of juices with meals. Such as lemon juice with mint mixed with crushed ice is an effective recipe for extinguishing the heat of the atmosphere.

The restaurant at the weekend is busy … my advice is to arrive early or book or call for booking to ensure a place.

The restaurant is rated 4 stars and its prices are high.


my favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant for sure is one that specializes in chicken meals. The name of my favorite restaurant is “…?…”.
It contains in the menu many recipes of chicken. I would prefer to order the Portuguese style chicken.
So it contains a lot of hot spices. I prefer to choose the shape of the chicken and how to present it, whether it is with bones or boneless. Like a chicken burger or grilled chicken. Or other delicious recipes that I find very nice.
I love to serve salads and appetizers first. Then serve the main meal in addition to some of the side dishes that I can add to the meal. All this is very nice to me.


my favourite restaurant essay

My favorite restaurant is an Italian restaurant called “…?…”. The best meal it serves is delicious and wonderful pizza.
I like the way they prepare this pizza more than many other restaurants. I find it a nice way they cut the ingredients, I always find it thin and it is always fresh and of excellent quality.

The degree of cooking is great, always moderate and not too much. So I love it so much and I love eating it in this place so much. I can’t get rid of the wonderful smell that I can smell while it’s still on its way to me.

I certainly have that childish expression on my face because I long to take a piece of it and leave it a little in my mouth. I can never hide this expression no matter who I take with me to my favorite restaurant.

Of course, what makes me more determined for this restaurant is the experiences of others around me, friends and family, all of whom praise the wonderful taste of this restaurant.

I feel like I’m going there very soon, because this talk made me want to eat some pizza. I might go today, I don’t know if I could, but if I did, it would be very nice.

I also hope that everyone will be fortunate to find a favorite restaurant that he would like to return to with great anticipation.


restaurant essay

My favorite restaurant is very simple, I can not say that it is one of those large and famous restaurants that contain several stars, led by a skilled team of highly-acclaimed chefs.

My favorite restaurant is one of those small restaurants that the owner and one of his sons strive to manage and satisfy customers. Those restaurants you can find on the corner of the street.

They don’t have much food on the main menu but they do have a feeling of love and affection. I always order different food to try the items they have and they all feel the same as the food my mum made for me.

I like very much to order and eat meals that are served in famous restaurants, such as burgers, KFC pieces. Certainly not the same quality. But it makes me very happy. It’s great to see what it looks like in other places and get the closest taste to it. With a simple soft drink.

That’s all I can say in an essay about a restaurant in which I can express my experience. I wish in the future to finish my studies and be able to travel to broaden my horizons of thought. Visit famous restaurants and eat different meals. Until then, this simple restaurant will remain my favorite.


paragraph about restaurant

I like that the restaurant in which I eat my food contains Mexican or Indian recipes that contain sharp spices, especially chicken. I like to have the ability to choose in the size provided, such as a quarter to a whole chicken. Where I ask only for what is sufficient for me and there is nothing left. I also prefer that it be served with the meal, French fries and a large glass of soft water, such as Coca-Cola. I find such restaurants serving these meals very wonderful to me.


my favorite restaurant essay

It’s great that I can talk about my favorite restaurant. I like very much restaurants that have modern  menu on the food, the drinks and the dessert .

I am very attracted by those that are served as pumpkin sauce with cream. Or offer arugula juice. Things like this make me happy.

Eating in the restaurant is one of the good things. Since childhood, we did not encourage eating in restaurants a lot due to the loss of beneficial nutrients. The orders are always saturated with oils and fats.

But because of the change and the experience of some new varieties, I became a lot more encouraged to eat in restaurants. One of my most favorite restaurants is the tomato Indian restaurant. They can always surprise me and offer one of those new meals or offer a modern sauce that I like.


my favorite restaurant short essay

My favorite restaurant is near my house. The name of the restaurant is “………” This is definitely my favorite restaurant because the price is very cheap. I can for as little as “Put the price of the meal here ‘ I can eat a whole bowl of pasta.

But what is really special about this restaurant is that I can get an additional amount of the same size and the same price if I want more . So, I like the idea of little money and a lot of food. I love going to this restaurant very much.


my favourite restaurant essay for class 2

My favorite restaurant is dedicated to fresh seafood. I love eating recipes from this restaurant, such as the shrimp dish mixed with cream and garlic. I am amazed at the consistency of this dish.

I really like the innovative way they present this dish, so I highly recommend it to all my friends and family. It is always a pleasure to return for this dish at High Seas Restaurant.


my favourite restaurant essay for class 3

On occasions, I always go with my family to eat at my favorite restaurant, me and my siblings. The name of this restaurant is Crazy about you.

Your imagination will surely go with this wonderful name. And it is worth it in fact, it is dedicated to food and dancing as well, as it contains an area dedicated to dancing in different forms. There are always new people and different requests for dances that express their reference.

Eating is more fun while watching, and my brothers and I often participate in dancing. It makes us have a lot of fun and have a great time.

I like it very much when my dad and mom share a quiet dance. It makes us feel so happy when we see them smiling and nothing distracts them for a few minutes.

This place is my favorite and one day when I make a family I would like to go back and spend such a wonderful family time.


my favourite restaurant essay for class 6

My favorite restaurant is sweet and savory restaurant. This restaurant is famous for serving very delicious meals such as burgers, chicken and Italian pasta. It also features wonderful dessert meals, whether hot or cold.

This place is my favorite because I always love variety and innovation and I don’t like to eat the same meal whenever I go there. I would rather try all their varieties. Especially sweet dishes that always make me feel happy and re-energize me after eating a heavy meal.

In fact, I love to eat a lot and have a great appetite. I like to eat until I feel full. So this is my favorite restaurant because it serves a large plate of food. Not like those famous restaurants that serve small samples in the middle of the plate.

I would very much love to come back and eat there from time to time and try some spicy food like Indian food.
Although they are not specialized in it, but they offer some wonderful simple meals that contain different spices. I also like the way the meat is grilled and the spices used. It has a sharp and clear taste.

Definitely very soon I will be going again to this restaurant and I am glad that I have a favorite restaurant that can make me happy.


my favourite restaurant essay for class 7

My favorite restaurant is very simple and it’s just a car parked by the road near my house with a man working on it always smiling. He makes snacks called hot dog sandwiches. Its price is very low, it tastes great, it is nice to talk with friends and eat in the middle of the road where the air and friends are.

I often have it on my way back from school. And before going to exercise, I find it wonderful to eat this meal. It makes me feel energized.  My friends in training often ask to bring them some. Everyone loves a hot dog, it is suitable for all times. Quick to prepare, easy to eat and completely satiating.

Of course, this is not a famous restaurant or one of the famous dishes, but always the most important thing is psychological comfort and happiness. This place always makes me happy. All I need is a hot dog sandwich and a glass of soda water.


my first visit to a restaurant essay 250 words

My first visit to a restaurant was years ago and it was the famous McDonald’s. My family used to take me there to have a happy meal and to provide a space for the children to play.

Always in these restaurants in every country you will find a dedicated area for children in which they can play and practice a lot of activities.

I remember my first day getting a good meal and a gift too. The gift was a small car. I was very happy with it, I didn’t want to play with it at the time, but kept it until I got home and then played with it.

I remember very well that I was able to keep it intact and working for several years later. One of the wonderful things that delight children are such gifts.

I remember the games in the place and there was this room full of little balls that we jump on, and we swim in trying to get out, and dive inside and throw them all over the place.

I also remember participating with other children in the race for those who climb to the skating game, and shouting loudly while skating.

Definitely this place is my favorite and I like to go back and eat there, and it would be great if I got one of the gifts they offer.

It is great that my family took me to this place where I was able to create very wonderful memories. And build a good family bond with them. Such outings make you always want to accompany them, eat with them, and visit different places.

Of course, I now have several different experiences from visiting restaurants, but my first restaurant remains the best, and returning to it makes me feel happiness that I often need it.

I love the idea of ​​a place that makes me happy and I want to go back to it and bring back some good memories. Thank you McDonald’s for being a partner in this happiness memories.


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