Mecca essay
Mecca essay

Mecca essay

Mecca essay,  contains many information about Mecca and its location, area and history. If you want to write a topic or Mecca essay in English, you will find here everything that interests you.

Mecca essay

Mecca is one of the holiest places in the world where it contains the Holy Mosque and the Kaaba and has a special place in the hearts of all the Muslims who visited it and those who did not visit it ,and here you will find all the information that enables you to write Mecca essay English.


Mecca or Umm al-Qura as mentioned in the Holy Quran, is the holy city where there is Almasjid alharam and Kaaba. Mecca is the country of the Prophet peace be upon him and the kebla of Muslims, was built by the father of the prophets Ibrahim and his son Ismail peace be upon them nearly two thousand years BC.

It has an area of ​​850 square kilometers. The area of ​​the inhabited area is 88 square kilometers. The area around the Makkah is 6 square kilometers. Mecca has more than 50 names over the centuries.

Geologists and historians show the existence of Mecca before the Prophet of God Ismail but it was destructed,  which made it barren land when he arrived, but there is no doubt that the history of Mecca begins when Ismail emigrated as a small child accompanied by his father Ibrahim and his mother Hajar peace be upon them,

 When Zamzam well burst under Isma’il`s feet .Then people from the city of Jarham  knew the presence of water in that area and they lived with Hajar and Ismail peace be upon him were the first inhabitants.And then was the beginning of Mecca.

Then Ibrahim came to his son Ismail and reached the command of God to build the Kaaba,   they built the Kaaba together,peace be upon them.

Later, the leadership in Mecca moved to the tribe of Khuza’a, followed by Quraish in the middle of the fifth century AD, when Qusay ibn Kulab became the leader of Quraish, then his son Abdul Dar, then Hashim bin Abd Manaf, then Abdul Muttalib, grandfather of the Prophet peace be upon him.

After that, Islam appeared in the land and became the Kaaba is the Qebla of the Muslims.The Prophet opened Mecca and Islam became visible.The main reason for taking care of and serve it in various ways possible and expand continuously to accommodate the numbers of Muslims.

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