Holy Mecca essay
Holy Mecca essay

Holy Mecca essay

Holy Mecca essay, contains important information for each student and researcher for the city of Mecca, here you will find information about its location and area and the most important holy places so you can write  holy Mecca essay in English.

Holy Mecca essay

Mecca is a holy place that has a great place in the hearts of Muslims because it contains the Holy House and the Kaaba and here you will find more information about the city of Mecca in holy Mecca essay in English.

 Holy Mecca

Mecca is a holy city for Muslims as it has the Holy Mosque and the Kaaba, located in the western part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is about 400 km away from Madinah, 120 km from Taif, and 72 km from Jeddah.

The width of Mecca is approximately 850 km 2, and the area surrounding the Holy Mosque is approximately 6 km 2, and the height of Mecca is below the level of The sea surface is about 277 m.

With a population of approximately 1.675.000 people, distributed in the old and new neighborhoods of Mecca.

And includes many of the Islamic holy sites, such as Almasjed Alharam,  one of the holiest places on earth for Muslims.

Including the Kaaba, the Qebla of Muslims in their prayers. In addition, Mecca is considered as the destination of Muslims in Hajj and Umrah.

The warm desert climate prevails over Mecca because of its presence in the tropical region and its  distance from the Red Sea.

Mecca contains many mountains, including the following:  Jabal Al Noor: One of the most prominent features of Makkah, which includes the cave of Hira.

And the revelation was also revealed on The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The mountain is approximately 642 m and has an area of ​​about 5250 km2.

 Mount Thor: Located in the center of Mecca, and includes Ghar Thur, where the Prophet stayed peace be upon him, and his friend Abu Bakr for three nights during the migration to Yathrib, and the height of 750 m, and the area of ​​4123 m.

Jabal Omar: At present, large parts of it are being removed, with the aim of establishing a lot of hotels and residential units.

 Mount Khandamah: Located in the south-east of the Grand Mosque, the height of 4200 m.

 Mount Arafa: Located about 20 km from the east of Mecca.

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