Journey to Turkey
Journey to Turkey

Journey to Turkey 3 models

Journey to Turkey , an essay with information about the most important and most beautiful tourist places in Turkey for anyone looking for information about Turkey or wants to write an essay in English about a journey to Turkey. 

Journey to Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful tourist country where tourists come to it from all over the world for its scenic beauty. If you want to write an English essay about a journey to Turkey, you will find here useful information that you can use very easily.

When thinking of a trip to a country, you must choose the most beautiful country in nature and the best in providing entertainment services to the visitor ;therefore, it is always advisable to visit Turkey distinguished by its high mountains, its green nature, its many lakes and its ancient heritage of antiques and archaeological sites, in addition to the existence of many resorts and high-end hotels in it.

Turkey is located in the Middle East on land from Asia and other parts of the European continent. Turkey borders Iraq, Syria, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Greece, the Aegean Sea, Bulgaria to the west, Armenia and Iran to the east. Georgia and the Black Sea.

Reasons for frequent flights to Turkey :

Availability of wonderful and picturesque areas that relax the soul and give the visitor a sense of relaxation.

The availability of treatment in many of its health centers, where medical tourism is available.

Appropriate hotel room rates and ticket prices are not expensive but suitable for low and middle income earners as well.

The frequent programs to encourage Turkey to visit the Ministry of Tourism, it is always seeking to make the appropriate offers to increase the number of visitors.

The most beautiful places in Turkey:

Yarbatan Palace: The palace is located in the Sultanahmet area. It is one of the magnificent and distinctive palaces in the way it is built with interchanges and colorful inscriptions. The palace was built by the Byzantines in the 6th century to protect them from the siege of Muslims. Underwater palace or water reservoirs.

Yildiz Park: The park is located in Istanbul and is characterized by the green nature of trees and herbs in addition to colorful flowers with a wonderful appearance, and the garden has a small lake containing a group of fish in beautiful colors and a lot of ducks,in the past, the park was in the hands of the famous Yildiz Palace, but now the park is a place that welcomes all visitors from all over the world.

Hill of puppets: It is also called Chamlija, overlooking the whole of Turkey in its Asian and European sections. The hill is characterized by its greenness and its self-comforting appearance. Many writers and poets are meant to write much of their writing.

Prince Islands: A group of islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, belonging to Istanbul, a small islands but nevertheless attract many tourists to enjoy the nature of green and blue beaches, and beautiful in those islands that moving through  is by bicycles  and vehicles with horses and prevented cars.

Forests of Belgrade: These forests are located in Istanbul with a large area of ​​5300 hectares. It is characterized by its open and refreshing atmosphere which is suitable for sport. It has many trees and pets and a small lake with ducks.

My trip to turkey essay

Undoubtedly, there are many people around the world who dream of seeing, visiting or living in Turkey. I can say that I am one of those people who follow Turkish culture, whether through educational curricula or through the Turkish drama that we watch on TV.

Although many tell us that they show their best areas for attractions, I decided to go and visit Turkey on a trip last summer.

My family and I booked plane tickets through the Internet, we booked the hotel, we boarded the plane, and we went, and I am so excited to see our dear Turkey.

As soon as I got on the plane, I took some pictures and posted them on my account to show my happiness to my friends with this trip. They envy me a lot for that.

Once I reached  and hear the Turkish language everywhere, I said, Oh my God, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. From here the happiness begins, I was practicing some Turkish sentences and words, so I tried to talk a little bit and had a lot of fun with it.

After that we went to the hotel and I changed clothes and got ready to go down and see Turkey. We are staying in a hotel in Istanbul, the first thing I saw is the Great Mosque, and many mosques that perform prayer with a beautiful voice.

I went to wander the markets and the roads and we sat down to drink tea and eat some delicious pieces of sweets, just like  the T.V series.

I enjoyed the experience a lot, after that we went to the beach and saw the famous bridge that we have always seen in many series. So it was great to see landmarks familiar to you.

So I kept looking for cafes or places that appeared on TV and took pictures of them and posted them on my account so that my friends could enjoy with me.

I It was very nice, I had a lot of fun and I would like to try it again. Whoever goes once to Turkey cannot stay away from it for a long time.



Short paragraph about Turkey

Turkey has gone through many different stages and faced many historical events that will remain engraved in history.

From ancient times to the present day, Turkey represents ancient civilizations, glorious empires, which faced great armies on its land and remained steadfast.

The lands of Turkey faced the Roman armies, the Byzantine armies, the Ottomans, and other armies, who play a major role in shaping its identity, leaving simple and multiple touches in its history.

In addition to the conquests it made, such as the occupation of Egypt, Anatolia, Russia, and other countries, which made it open to many cultures and peoples, it gained a simple touch from here and there to form a new identity in the present day.

We see Turkey now as a great tourist destination, despite its adherence to the wars now in Syria, and its attempt to enter it in many areas, but it has differed greatly from what it has been since the Ottoman Caliphate.

It has become more open to the West and opens its doors to all kinds of tourism and provides all the requirements of foreign tourism in order to compete and benefit from this trade.

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