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Graduation essay

Graduation essay

Graduation essay , will find many and many mixed feelings filled with joy, pride and happiness and tears that flow from joy after reaping the fruits of this fatigue and hard work after years and years . And also the joy of the parents with the priceless sons. All this will be found here in Graduation essay .

Graduation essay

There is no doubt that the graduation day is one of the most beautiful days in the life of man ,it is the fruit of fatigue and vigilance is the starting point for a new stage and independent life and the beginning of the search for the aspirations that we have always dreamed with family and friends. Where you find love, joy and pride are the feelings that adorn this day. All of that you will find here in Graduation essay.


Graduation is a joy not worth any joy in the life of the student and his family, where parents are waiting on graduation day impatiently; because they will cut the fruit of fatigue, effort and watch the nights during the study of their son or daughter.

The parents and the son who graduated on that day have many feelings: joy and pride, a sense of satisfaction because of success, complete their studies, embark on a new life, and start looking for work to become financially independent.

On the day of graduation we see the mirth of the mothers and their smile mixed with the tears of joy and joy. We see in their eyes the glitter of happiness and hope for a bright future for their children, to hear the songs of joy and singing.

When the son or daughter graduates from the university, the mothers’ eyes sleep calmly to feel comfortable and reassured.

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