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Favorite food essay
Favorite food essay

Favorite food essay

Favorite food essay ,The food habits vary from person to person. Each person has his or her own preferences. Those who prefer balanced and healthy eating, and those who prefer to eat protein-rich food, some prefer to be vegetarian. All this will be found here in Favorite food essay .

Favorite food essay

And because each of us has his own point of view on choosing his favorite food, we will present Favorite food essay to give a glimpse of how each of us chose his favorite food.

Our favorite food

Food is the main fuel of life for the human body. The person feels the energy flow in all parts of his body after eating. Moreover, each type of food has its own great benefits, which helps human to complete its growth or to protect it from many different diseases. Food and it’s positive or negative impact is an important matter of concern to all people in general, and specialists in particular.

Food is generally divided into five food groups, which combine to provide the human body with the necessary nutrients.

These five groups are:


It contains many foods such as bread, pasta, corn, and others. Such items contain important nutrients needed by the human body.

The most important elements are minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. These foods are considered to be the main sources of energy for humans, which he cannot do without.

Dairy products

Dairy products contains in total proteins, calcium, vitamins, etc., examples of the types of foods that belong to this group: milk, cheeses, etc.

Vegetables and fruits

This group is rich in fiber, vitamins and many other elements.

Fats, sweets and oils

This group includes all types of sweeteners, sugar, oils, fats, etc., specialists advice is to reduce the rations taken from such foods.


One of the most prominent examples of this group: poultry, meat, beans, eggs, and others, where such foods are rich in proteins and vitamins.

We should follow a healthy lifestyle in our food and diversify foods to ensure that the body gets the elements it needs. We should also eat moderately and reduce the fatty foods, sugars, alcohol, fast food, etc., because such foods have a significant impact in increasing the mass Human body.

In this way we have given you Favorite food essay ,and you can read more through the following section:

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