Short essay describe your favorite food
Short essay describe your favorite food

Short essay describe your favorite food

Short essay describe your favorite food , for each person of us tendencies and unique preferences that distinguish him from others, especially when it comes to food and the way to eat. You will find here Short essay describe your favorite food .

Short essay describe your favorite food

Today, I will talk about my favorite food, a kind of tuberous plant, cooked with meat and rice, giving the body energy and warmth in the cold winter, with garlic and cauliflower, which makes it taste very delicious.

I have decided to write Short essay describe your favorite food  to benefit each student ,and I put the method of cooking and quantities for those who wanted to use it.

Taro is a tropical plant with very large leaves resembling tobacco, which resembles the shape of an elephant’s ears, belongs to this type of plant of the arum family. Its leaves are edible and rich in starches, as it is used as an alternative to potatoes because it is rich with gels, proteins and minerals.

The taro is native to Southeast Asia. Taro is one of the staple food ingredients in Africa and Asia and has been cultivated since ancient times.

Taro has health and nutritional benefits as it is rich in various nutrients. It is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, which protects against skin infections, and is rich in minerals such iron and magnesium. It is also rich in water, cellulose and green leaves are rich in water and cellulose, therefore it is a treatment for constipation.

It is also rich in mineral salts such as potassium and iron.

How to prepare my favorite meal, taro with swiss chard


Swiss Chard




green coriander



Black pepper

Chicken soup, or meat


Corn oil



Arrange the onion and cut it small, with garlic, and put a little Margarine with corn oil, and put in a suitable pot and put it on fire until the onion become yellow. Peel the taro and cut it into cubes and wash it with water. And we bring the swiss chard, parsley and green coriander and wash them well, and cut all their roots, and put them in the blender and mix them together well, adding water to facilitate the mixing process.

Put the taro in the pot on the fire in with two tablespoons of corn oil for 5 minutes while moving it fast. Add the soup, with salt, and the spices with the addition of lemon juice and let it boiled for 30-40 mins.

Put the mixture of swiss chard, green coriander and parsley in a bowl with two tablespoons of margarine, and let it boiled until cooked, then remove the margarine from the face.

Cover the pot until it is well cooked, and then close the source of fire, and we pour the taro in the appropriate dishes and then served, with rice, as desired.

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