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Famous person essay
Famous person essay

Famous person essay

Famous person essay , contains important information about a famous figure. The Arab world is full of inspiring and influential personalities who, even if they are not with us now in that life, are always in our hearts and minds. And we will talk in this essay on Dr. Ibrahim al-Feki, and you will find here important information about him in a famous person essay.

Famous person essay

There is more than a famous person in the field and specialization of human development, which has benefited us and guided us to the right path. One of the most prominent and most influential figures is Dr. Ibrahim al-Faki , and here you will find information about Dr. Ibrahim al-Faqi in a famous person essay..

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Faqi

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Faqi is a doctor born in 1950, an Egyptian born in Giza province, and died in 2012, studied management specialization in the university of Canada and graduated to do the simplest work, he was a guard for a hotel in a period of time.

And remained in this vein until his arrival to the highest positions and work as a manager of one of the largest hotels in the State of Canada.

And during the period of his work was able to complete his studies to obtain a doctorate in the field of human development.

He has the ability to speak many languages, and he has been able to write many books , the most important of which are:

Ten keys to success, time management, control of your life, path to success, know yourself, art and secrets of decision making, and many books which achieved the highest sales worldwide in several languages.

He also has many famous sayings. The most important of which is:

“Live this moment as if it were the last moment, live with your love to Allah, live in obedience to the morality of the Prophet, peace be upon him, live with hope, live in struggle, live with patience, live with love and appreciate the value of life.”

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