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Essay writing on mother
Essay writing on mother

Essay writing on mother

Essay writing on mother , contains a lot of subtle feelings and expressive words that no matter how we speak, we will not fulfill the mother’s right, we must all love her and respect her . All this information will be found here in an essay writing on mother.

Essay writing on mother

Mother is the only and true reason for happiness and the continuous support towards success and a great virtue to the whole society , all those expressive words you will find here in an essay writing on mother.


Your mother is the one who once was small and dreams of growing up and getting married and giving birth to her children, manipulating and caring for them and buying them the most beautiful clothes, things and games.

Then come her marriage and you in her womb eat from her food, which comes to you exhausted and ready, and grows day by day, and your mother feels the weight of her stomach with a choke in her chest turning between her and breathing, and you grow up in her womb.

So come an hour to meet you after she spoke to you a lot and wiped on your body as you move in her stomach , and you come to the world after hurt her by the pain which is considered the second level of pain after burning alive.

When she saw you,she smiled and cried you and began to gather her strength gradually to can take care of you.

And start a new journey to you with your mother, take care of you on day and night, afraid of you from any thing, , thinking day and night how to feed her children, would like to cut from her flesh to feed you.

Teach you the first letters as you taught the first steps, and then you grow up, and your mother’s dream grows more, look at you as the child coming from school and smiling.

Your thoughts may clash with the ideas of your mother, but remind yourself a lot and know that it is your mother who gave birth to you, which gave your face a chance to see this life, so be careful and fear of losing her, if you lose her will not be compensated with all the money and the people of the earth.

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