Essay on restaurant experience
Essay on restaurant experience

Essay on restaurant experience 16 models

Essay on restaurant experience , restaurants are very important in the lives of each of us, many of us resort to eat in restaurants because of the delay outside the home or the need to renew the routine of daily life and taste a new food.All this will be found here in Essay on restaurant experience .

Essay on restaurant experience

Restaurants are very important in the life of each of us; many of us resort to dining in restaurants because of the delay outside the home or the need to break the routine of the daily life and taste new foods and flavors.

We all had a special impression of some of the restaurants we visited.  Some places had a positive character and some drive you to think about boycott all restaurants altogether.

I went with my brother and his son to a fast food restaurant in our area. My nephew came to enjoy playing in the play area of ​​the restaurant and get the new game.

The yellow and red colors at the restaurant draw my attention. What made me search online for the reason why these two colors were chosen only in restaurants?

After searching the internet, I found some theories.

The most likely theory is that there is a study on the effect of colors on human soul, where the red color tends to open the appetite while the yellow color gives a sense of happiness and familiarity with the place and people. Which cause you think of returning to the place again.

The yellow color is the brightest color in the daylight, making it easy to recognize the restaurant from a distance.

I liked the clean dining tables and the elegant uniform of the staff and the fast service.

I enjoyed my visit to the restaurant and the meal was delicious and fresh.

We ordered grilled chicken and it had a great taste. The drinks were refreshing and the bread was hot.

In addition to the information that I found on the Internet, our visit was useful in many ways.

My nephew enjoyed the game area a lot, and I liked their separation of games according to age and size. The restaurant was very cautious about safety and security standards in the gaming area and the use of child-friendly materials.

The experience of the restaurant has pleased me, I will return with my friends and family to enjoy the family calm atmosphere, beautiful decor and delicious food.


Essay on restaurant

I would like to express my thanks that I live in the twenty-first century for a very simple reason, which is the large availability of restaurants everywhere, whether within large commercial areas, on both sides of the road, or within the means of travel.

In past,  a person travels and does not know when he can eat again.  The best way to eat food in the old days was to go to one of the relatives or acquaintances and eat some food for little money.  Then food became available in taverns or rented houses on both sides of the road.

But now the person no longer travels with his hunger with him, but he can eat the meals he loves wherever he wants. Therefore, I am very happy that there are many different restaurants that satisfy all tastes and are available throughout the day.


Essay about restaurant

I recently went to Lost Boys Pizza. This restaurant has a very different design from the restaurants I used to go to. Where it bears the character of vampires. But don’t worry, we won’t have a red liquid for dinner. It is famous for its delicious hot pizza.

This pizza has won the admiration of many to the point of getting the highest rating in Google in terms of quality and taste. So I wanted so much to go and have this experience.

I found the restaurant with an old touch representing the 80’s generation. It makes you feel like you are in an old-fashioned horror movie. Some intimidating yet attractive décor surrounds you.

We liked some other foods other than pizza like smoked meat with apples, artichokes and pickled mushrooms.

I found that my visit to this restaurant was pleasant and I think I will look for some other places that represent this type of restaurant, as it arouses curiosity and makes time pass quickly.


Essay about restaurant

My friend invited me to have lunch with him in one of the luxurious restaurants. It is famous for seafood dishes, which is my favorite food, so I accepted the invitation directly and without any hesitation. So, we ate our food, it was very tasty, especially since we were eating it while listening to soft music. I decided that this restaurant would be my favorite restaurant, I go to it whenever I like to have a meal of seafood.


Restaurant experience essay

I have been to various restaurants around the world and have interesting experiences with food, but there are some special experiences that I cannot easily forget. I will tell you about the strangest experience that happened to me in a restaurant in Japan called “Ninja”. What makes this restaurant special is that it is open especially for ninja lovers.

When you approach the restaurant, you recognize it easily because of the decorations that indicate the presence of ninjas inside, and as soon as you enter you are met by two ninja warriors in their black clothes and swords.

When you sit down and order your favorite food, you notice that all the workers inside are ninjas. They serve you delicious seafood, but beware because what will happen to you will not be expected. You will be attacked by two ninja warriors and you must leave your meal and defend yourself.


Paragraph about restaurant

There are many fine restaurants around my house. But  I would like to talk about a different experience that I had last year.

In my country there are many different nationalities working in the city. All of these nationalities offer different restaurants commensurate with their heritage and revenues. I have previously eaten Indian food which a lot of people have already eaten and liked it very much.

But my favorite restaurant this time is of Egyptian origin. It serves a meal called falafel, which I found very impressive.

I loved eating it so much I couldn’t believe its ingredients when my friend told me. I found that there is a great skill in mixing the ingredients until they have this wonderful taste. It has become one of my favorite meals that I like to eat from time to time.


Essay about Restaurant Food

Eating in restaurants is no longer as dangerous as it was in the past. We can see the tightening of safety now, the constant censorship. Therefore, I find that the dining experience in restaurants is now more interesting and gives a unique and new experience that the individual can enjoy.

The experience of dining in a restaurant in the twenty-first century has become completely different. Where some restaurants with a different taste, or a different design, appeared.

There is a restaurant is famous for eating in the dark. It is forbidden to use any lighting means, such as a converted phone or others, and it depends on sensory perception only.

There is also the famous restaurant Dinner in the Sky – Brussels – Belgium. This restaurant is completely suspended in the air by a container lifter.

From these models, we find that the way food or the variety in its recipes or trying new foods has become very popular and preferred by many to get an interesting and unique experience.


Experience in a restaurant essay

Everyone has many different experiences in restaurants, some of them may be special, others may be less than the desired level, or we can say that it was a bad experience.

From a year ago I enjoyed a lot to try one of the restaurants in my area called (type the name of the restaurant).
Where I was able to eat the Italian pasta spaghetti, along with pieces of grilled chicken and the zucchini grilled on charcoal.

It was a special and unique experience. I can’t believe how different it is when the food is from the hand of an expert and a professional. This might be the most delicious sauce I’ve ever tasted. I really liked the level of maturity of the chicken and grilled zucchini.

This is truly what is called sumptuous food when it comes from the hand of someone who is good and loves his work. I liked the experience very much and whenever time permits I try to repeat it.


Dining experience essay

Undoubtedly, there are many famous restaurants surrounding us from different parts of the world. Now any big city has different types of foods that cover all tastes and nationalities according to their habits or personal preferences.

I personally like very much to eat foods from people from other countries such as Indian food, Chinese food, Turkish food, Egyptian food, Italian food, Mexican food. And other foods.

My best dining experience was in Egyptian food, I had a famous fish meal they have called Fesikh, Oh my gosh, it smells so strong and tough.

I knew that they put the fish in an airtight container with only salt and some types of fish were buried in it, and left for 40 days. Then they eat it on a famous occasion.

I have an Egyptian friend and he told us it was a great challenge. And it is very useful because it contains some beneficial bacteria for the body. So I said why not.

Only when I smelled it, I almost fled the whole town, but I had the courage to eat a small piece of bread with a squeeze of lemon and a piece of green onion. Oh my God, it tastes so strange that you really like it and forget the smell once you eat it and find yourself continuing to eat it and drink water.

It was a truly unique experience and a distinctive taste. I don’t think there is anything else on the face of the earth that has this distinctive taste.


My best dining experience essay

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a great meal with a member of my family, we were served some carefully marinated grilled meat, some mashed potatoes, bread and a great salad.

I really liked outdoor dining and I liked restaurants that put tables outside, I liked the experience when I was eating and being able to see the roads and cars passing by.

I liked the idea of ​​sitting outdoors for several reasons, including to keep unwanted odors, also, this type of restaurant is less expensive despite the quality of the food, this is not very important to me but it is also good.

I am very happy if there is a gathering of all family members. This makes me feel very happy and makes me talk and laugh as I like with comfort and happiness without restricting of luxury restaurants and a calm atmosphere.

I can say this was the best and most amazing dining experience I’ve had in my entire life.


My first time at a restaurant essay

Undoubtedly, first experiences are unforgettable in exciting and favorite places. I remember my first visit to a famous restaurant in my city called Costa. I was very happy to go to him after appearing in a famous movie and showing the quality of the food, the luxury of the furniture, the hospitality and the presentation.

The townspeople absolutely loved this restaurant and we talked about it a lot at school. When my dad was told about it, he said why don’t we go eat there and take some pictures.

We went and the place was very special, on the first floor you see the amazing pieces of sweets and the beautiful attractive colors, you go up to the second floor you find a wonderful view overlooking the sea and the main road. You can see a lot of attractive views, especially in the winter and seeing the rain falling, the view is very attractive.

We ordered food and enjoyed talking and taking some shots and certainly did not miss the opportunity to taste the delicious desserts that attracted me as soon as I entered the place. It was a unique and special experience and I enjoyed a lot because it was my first experience in a restaurant.


Essay about restaurant service

The restaurant represents one of the services provided to facilitate eating in exchange for a fee. This type of restaurant has been famous for old centuries, when travelers would go to the houses on the road and ask for food in exchange for money or give them a gift. And it developed into restaurants to serve travelers and local people who like to eat out.

Undoubtedly, everyone encountered the workers in the restaurants and saw how wonderful they are in their work, in terms of the fine art of dealing, to quietly collecting orders. I can say that they work in silence, and their work is completely effective, giving a sophisticated and good impression that makes you feel human, and they serve you excellently.

And in the 21st century, restaurants have developed a lot, where it is possible to order food from home and get food of the same quality. The restaurants became more glamorous and artistic, in terms of appearance, cleanliness and quality. And there is a great control to prevent any form of pollution, which may harm visitors. Therefore, restaurants are in constant progress and great success.



Essay about restaurants

It is wonderful that restaurants evolve in the 21st century to become the most luxurious and finest designs and trends that fit the time in which we live.

With the continuous increase in the need for quality and cleanliness, all of these things become more developed and safer for our family members every day, in addition to benefiting from the availability of food in different places that did not have any of the requirements of life such as long roads, poor areas, and dense residential areas. All places now have many restaurants.

Therefore, its importance varies according to the circumstances of the person. You can go to restaurants while traveling, have a nice time and meet some new people, or take the family for a meal and have a nice time.

Whatever the different reasons, restaurants remain of great importance and usefulness, whether for the service aspect or the psychological aspect that it leaves in children and adults.



Fine dining experience essay

From time to time, the idea of ​​going to a fine restaurant and trying some famous dishes came to me, especially after watching some episodes of cooking competitions about the best chef.

So I told my father a while ago about this that we would like to have this experience, and he was very excited to fulfill this desire, he told us when the time was right we would do this experiment,

Indeed, a short time ago, we went to one of the high-end restaurants, which have many stars, and ordered one of their special dishes,

Certainly there is creativity in these dishes in terms of choosing colors, spices and everything, you cannot stop eating and feel the harmony between the recipes.



Paragraph about a good restaurant

Food in the 21st century has become more innovative than it has been for many years. Every day, restaurants develop in providing the best food, in order to obtain continuous and permanent customers for them. The more the service and food are at the required level, the restaurant has gained great fame because of that, and many people flock to it.

I can describe Kentucky Restaurant as one of these good restaurants that serve food in a quick time and with a good degree of maturity, and it is hot and fresh, which makes dealing with them more comfortable and happy. In addition to the distinctive snacks that they serve alongside food, they are always delicious and wonderful.

Such restaurants I love very much to eat in them constantly, and they always maintain their cleanliness and quality, which makes everyone confident in them and wants to return to them.

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