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Doctor profession essay
Doctor profession essay

Doctor profession essay

Doctor profession essay , contains a lot of important about the doctor and his  importance role in society  and also the most important qualities that must be available in the doctor and all that you will find here in doctor profession essay.

Doctor profession essay

A doctor is an angel of mercy, which if you look at him you will feel happy and psychological comfort is , he is the one who can relieve your pain .The doctor  must have important qualities and we will know it here in doctor profession essay.

The doctor is the person qualified to provide treatment to individuals suffering from diseases. The doctor is also defined as an individual who holds a license in the practice of medical work, such as a dentist and a surgeon.

Another of the physician’s definitions is The person who prescribes medication to treat patients by applying medical examination to them.

Every doctor should have a set of professional ethics  in the medical profession, and the most important of these ethics are;

Mercy:  It is to use words that do not hurt their feelings, for example the doctor does not describe the patient’s disease directly.

Such as does not tell the patient who is overweight you fat, but tell him about his illness gradually through the use of the best and most acceptable at Patient.

Flexibility : which is the combination of intimidation and irritation in the treatment of patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, mental disorders, diabetes, etc..

Because these diseases depend on long treatments associated with the follow-up of the doctor, and cooperation of the patient in the arrangement of his lifestyle with nature treatment or medication.

The doctor must understand the patient’s illness and try to help him accept it to protect him from complications.

In this way, we have given you a doctor profession essay, and you can read more through the following link:

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