Doctor profession essay
Doctor profession essay

Doctor profession essay 7 models

Doctor profession essay , contains a lot of important about the doctor and his  importance role in society  and also the most important qualities that must be available in the doctor and all that you will find here in doctor profession essay.

Doctor profession essay

A doctor is an angel of mercy, which if you look at him you will feel happy and psychological comfort is , he is the one who can relieve your pain .The doctor  must have important qualities and we will know it here in doctor profession essay.

The doctor is the person qualified to provide treatment to individuals suffering from diseases. The doctor is also defined as an individual who holds a license in the practice of medical work, such as a dentist and a surgeon.

Another of the physician’s definitions is The person who prescribes medication to treat patients by applying medical examination to them.

Every doctor should have a set of professional ethics  in the medical profession, and the most important of these ethics are;

Mercy:  It is to use words that do not hurt their feelings, for example the doctor does not describe the patient’s disease directly.

Such as does not tell the patient who is overweight you fat, but tell him about his illness gradually through the use of the best and most acceptable at Patient.

Flexibility : which is the combination of intimidation and irritation in the treatment of patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, mental disorders, diabetes, etc..

Because these diseases depend on long treatments associated with the follow-up of the doctor, and cooperation of the patient in the arrangement of his lifestyle with nature treatment or medication.

The doctor must understand the patient’s illness and try to help him accept it to protect him from complications.

Essay on profession of doctor

There is no doubt that the profession of doctor is one of the most popular professions in the world, whether among adults or children.

Children are very surprised by it, and those who are older respect it and appreciate it for the good and mercy that it represents to them.

One of the most difficult things for a person is his feeling of pain, and his failure in his health, so the doctor plays a very important role, in diagnosing and providing the appropriate treatment for the patient.

This ensures that he uses the medicines in correct and appropriate doses for the previous pathological condition, as well as monitoring and observation in the event of any complications. This is one of the most important differences between ancient healers, and real doctors studying this specialty today.

Therefore, many students dream of becoming doctors when they grow up because the doctor represents respect for himself and society, and a therapeutic ability that makes any injured person happy, which makes him happy that he was able to treat a patient in need.



Doctor as a profession essay

The great medical profession, in order to work in it, you must understand the word ” great” and the extent of its impact and role in society, and understand what a doctor means, and what are the requirements to be a doctor.
This job is not suitable for everyone, but it has specific people who can work in it and succeed.

Why is the profession of a doctor great?

The profession of a doctor represents integrity and lack of money. And whoever is the person in front of you, you must help him, it is a function of mercy, even in wars when you find an injured person in front of you and he is your enemy, you as a doctor must treat him, and do not judge him, so it is considered a great profession and does not have deception, cheating or cruelty.

What does doctor mean?

Of course, everyone knows the meaning of the doctor and from what the name is derived from, but here what we mean is not the description, but what the doctor represents, which he represents is sophistication, urbanization, cleanliness, good speech, patience with wisdom and far-sightedness.

Why is this job not suitable for everyone?

In order to be a doctor, you must sacrifice everything. What is meant by everything here is not a metaphorical description. Rather, what is meant is that in order to become a doctor, you must forget about money. If this is your goal, it is better to look for another job. If you are thinking of leaving, it is better for you to think of another job. If you are only thinking about yourself and your health, it is better for you to think about another job.

Because the doctor’s job requires you to persevere and persevere and strive, no matter how old you grow, you must develop and learn.

It also requires you to be present at any time, no matter what circumstances you are going through, you must be present for your patients.

It is also not suitable for those who lose their temper or get tense, so it requires you to have strong nerves and anticipate what will happen and not be exposed to any tension or shocks.

That is why the profession of doctor is great and is not suitable for everyone.



Profession doctor essay

The doctor’s profession that everyone dreams of, the dream of parents and children in study is that their children excel and enter the study of medicine, to become doctors in the future that their parents, family and country will be proud of, for their sacrifice and goodness for the sake of society.

But the truth is, not everyone is fit to be a doctor, as it is a profession that requires a specific type of person. This beloved profession requires continuous study throughout life, and no matter how old the doctor is, he must continue to learn and develop with the changing and modern life that takes place around him.

He must be fully prepared to work at any time and under any circumstances, meaning that his life should be for his profession and for the patients who put their lives in his hands.

And he must have discipline and good behavior, and set an example for everyone around him, this is how the doctor’s life will be. Thus, he must sacrifice and strive throughout his life.



Profession of doctor essay

The doctor’s profession is one of the important and necessary professions that is based on humanity and consideration for the pains of others, which the doctor is supposed to feel, console and treat the patient so that he can live in a normal way.

This wonderful profession was created for specific people, so no one can work in it. It requires specific personalities and specific skills, and not everyone who enrolls in medical school can succeed.

Rather, everyone faces many challenges and difficulties, such as constant and continuous diligence in education, patience and good listening to the patient, the ability to choose the words to speak with the patient, the ability to understand the pain of others and their mood, nervous and psychological state, choosing the right timing to be frank with the patient and the appropriate method that suits each case, full and complete dedication and readiness to face any circumstance and situation at any time, allocating time for study and learning no matter how old you are and your position, keeping abreast of modern technology and learning on it on a permanent and continuous basis, seeing the solutions provided by others and accepting Learn it.

And other things that the doctor must possess, this is how the doctor’s profession is, and so he must strive to reach the best and highest positions.

Doctor occupation essay

There is no doubt that the profession of a doctor is required in any circumstance and place. Especially in wars and occupation, there are many casualties on both sides, and such matters require a permanent presence of doctors to treat the injured and the prisoner, to preserve humanity and honor human life on earth.

And so as not to forget the mercy of the injured or the captive, so the presence of the doctor is important, and no matter how the doctor treats a person he considers his enemy, but he is injured or a prisoner and outside the battlefield, he must consider him a case and nothing more, and treat him with conscience.

This is how humanity will be, and no one will do it better than the doctor, so the doctor plays an important and major role in the occupation, and leaves a good impact on everyone on both sides, as he continues to work in an impartial manner without siding with one party.

This is what they teach him from university until he graduates that he must be merciful and humble, have a big heart and not sow hatred.


Essay about doctor profession

The profession of a doctor possesses many wonderful human qualities, but the most important of these qualities is compassion.

We can speak of many qualities that a doctor possesses, but we will find nothing like the compassion that is in a doctor’s heart.

Whatever the circumstances, we find the doctor a merciful person who helps the injured and does not hesitate to offer a helping hand, whether to an enemy, a stranger or a friend.

We often see doctors in wars, or in prisoners’ camps, we find that they work conscientiously and treat everyone and do not differentiate between one person and another. We find him always considerate of the situation in front of him and works hard to relieve and soothe his pain.

Therefore, the character of mercy in the doctor represents the most important and strongest human characteristic inside him, which grows inside him every day more than the day before, and no other job can create such love and mercy in the heart of another person. So it’s a great job.

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