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Disadvantages of Internet essay
Disadvantages of Internet essay

Disadvantages of Internet essay

Disadvantages of Internet essay ,  contains a lot of important information about the Internet, which has become the most important characteristic of this age and has become of great importance as we can not be dispensed with in the daily life, neither in terms of work nor in terms of entertainment. All that information you will find here in Disadvantages of Internet essay.

Disadvantages of Internet essay

There is no doubt that the Internet is one of the most important tools of technology that has served mankind in the last few years. But like all other technologies, it is a double-edged sword that has its advantages and disadvantages. All of this will be learned here in Disadvantages of Internet essay.

The Internet

The Internet is a network of global communications that allow people to share information that travels across continents, and communicate with each other as if the whole world has become a small village. The Internet is a set of networks that are connected to a large number of global computers.

The Internet  has many benefits such as:

Providing fast communication technologies worldwide.

Use it in all areas of education, spread the knowledge, and follow up all that is new.

Attend conferences and seminars remotely, via the Internet.

To know the conditions and news of individuals and their country.

Find good and new friends.

Internet disadvantages

Bad use of websites, especially the use of children and exposure to many bad things.

Wasting time in entertainment.  

Some people suffer from health and psychological diseases as a result of sitting long times in front of the computer screen, such as eye dryness, and joints and back pains.

Reduces social relationships between family and friends.

The isolation of individuals from societies.

Neglect of worship and its performance in time.

Dissemination of vice, ideas, racist beliefs, and atheism.

Man is used to laziness and inactivity.

Influence on the person’s culture, customs and traditions.

The blind imitation of evil individuals .

Communication and phantom relationships.

Identify the personal secrets of others.

Online addiction and depression.

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