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Short essay on Internet
Short essay on Internet

Short essay on Internet

Short essay on Internet , from which we learn a lot of important and valuable information about the Internet, which has become one of the essentials of life that can not be dispensed now in our daily lives, and all that information you will find here in a short essay on Internet .

Short essay on Internet

Now the Internet is the most important means of technology that many rely on in their business or leisure life. The Internet is of course a double-edged sword and we will know all of this here in a short essay on Internet.

 The Internet

The Internet is defined as a global communications network in which computers are connected, through which information is exchanged among the people of the world, and through which individuals communicate between each other regardless of distances.

This connection is linked to a specific system called the Protocol. It has become a basic requirement in our time and indispensable in managing nations and finding out what is new in the world.

The benefits of the Internet

connect individuals to each other and bring them closer. The Internet had a great role in personal communication via e-mail, via Facebook and other communication sites.

Knowing the news of the world, and knowing what is going on in wars, celebrations in addition to knowing the countries that suffer from poverty and famine.

Receive new scientific, cultural, scientific and technological achievements of the world.

It is also possible to solve an insurmountable problem by communicating with one of the intellectuals or doctors and consulting them on the subject.

Increase the income of many individuals and countries, by shopping online and by knowing the economic developments, and the stock market.

Internet disadvantages

Wasting time when used for things that are not useful, or if used by teenagers to watch pornographic images.

The formation of terrorist networks through it, has recently emerged a group of people are tricked people and make them join terrorist organizations that destroy countries and countries.

The neglect of religious worship and delaying its time.

In this way, we have given you a short essay on Internet , and you can read more through the following link:

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