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Computer presentation
Computer presentation

Computer presentation

Computer presentation that has all the information about the computer and its benefits ,and all what you want to know about the computer. If you want to write a presentation on the computer you will find here how the presentation is written and you will also find a useful topic on the computer. 

Computer presentation


Hello, my name is(your name).I’ll present you a computer theme today and I’ll show you some pictures.I hope you’ll get benefit with the subject.If you have any question I’ll be happy to answer.


The computer is considered one of the most important electronic devices ever.The computer has specifications that are not available in any other electronic device.The computer receives and processes a large amount of data in seconds.

The importance of the computer has increased after the invention of the Internet.This allowed the computer to enter all fields. If the computer transforms human processes into automated processes, the Internet will make them global.

One of the most important areas that computer facilitated it`s function is the medical, technical, engineering, accounting and many more.

The Internet and the computer together increased the physical, scientific, cultural and moral tolls of man.A man becomes more mature, developed and cultured.

Because of the widespread computerization, companies became interested in the development of computers.Its owners have become world-inspired  personalities  like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Apple and Microsoft software did not left a city or a street or a house did not enter it.The computers have different types like laptop and personal desktop and others.This diversity has helped people to benefit greatly from it.


Thank you for listening.I hope you have benefited from the topic.If you have any questions you would like to ask, I would be happy to answer them all.

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