Communication essay
Communication essay

Communication essay

Communication essay in English shows the importance of communication between people. The surrounding family, relatives and parents must have a very strong communication and does not depend on communication through social networks. Time should be set for family  to gather, exchange ideas and present problems that meet any member of the family . And offer solutions to it with all seriousness and cooperation of family members  in solving problems. All of this information will be found here in communication essay.

Communication essay

There is no doubt that constant communication on occasions and holidays strengthens relationships between family members. Communication with friends is also an important communication in the person’s life. The social networking sites have made communication possible. This is what we will learn here through communication essay.


The importance of communication

Man can not imagine the life without the existence of communication between the people of each other. communion and meeting and exchange of knowledge and information among people is the life.


Communication is undoubtedly very important to human life and its importance is evident in more than one aspect of life, some of which are mentioned in this article.

Communication is a way of understanding people 


A person needs to communicate with others when he wants to inquire about a certain thing, as is a way to understand the natures of people.

A person may hear a lot about a particular person, but the direct communication between them may reveal many facts about the person could not be able to convey the true picture.


And therefore the importance of communication lies in that it reveals many facts that may be confusing, It also allows a person to see the true picture in which people and objects are not falsified.

Communication is a way to achieve goals and accomplish business

When a person sets a specific goal, he can not achieve it without communicating with other people.  People’s efforts serve each other, as the life is based on cooperation and exchange of experience and skills among people, each one has something that distinguishes him from his brother; Communication is therefore an opportunity to share skills and experiences that result in achieving goals and accomplishing business.

Communication is also a means of communicating the message

The prophets used the method of communication with their people in order to convey the message of Allah  to mankind and to communicate his orders to people.

The teacher and educator also use the method of communication when he wants to convey the message of education to his students and explain the different sciences to them.  

This approach applies to many people who carry a noble message in their lives and want to communicate it to people.

Communication is also a way to solve problems and differences between people

A person who seeks good and reform among people communicates with the adversaries in order to reconcile them.  

It is also a method used by politicians and program owners, a politician who aspires to reach political posts in the state, such as the people’s deputies, uses the method of communicating with his popular base in order to explain his political program and what he intends to do in order to serve the people.

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