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Short essay on science and technology
Short essay on science and technology

Short essay on science and technology

Short essay on science and technology where you find information on the importance of technology and the most important pros and cons, and all that you will find here in Short essay on science and technology.

Short essay on science and technology

Technology is the spirit of the times and has many pros and many negatives and all this will be found here in Short essay on science and technology.

New technology

Technology is one of the areas of great and remarkable development. Technology is defined as the process of applying knowledge and science in various fields to meet the needs of individuals and communities.

But the development accompanied by pros and cons, and the wisdom of human is caution of those negatives and benefit from the positive as much as possible, in this article we will talk about the most important pros and cons of modern technology.

The advantages of technology

There are many advantages to technology that are difficult to list all at points, but we will mention some of them as follows:

 Technology made from the world has made a small village as a result of the development of communications and transportation technologies in keeping with the development of technology.

Shortened the time and effort spent in many of the work we used to do on a daily basis, such as electrical appliances at home.

Has facilitated and developed the horizons of scientific research, especially with the emergence of the Internet, which provides an enormous amount of information on various topics.

 Technology has developed medical fields, led to improved health and reduced mortality, through the development and introduction of new technologies to treat diseases.

Education has been developed, The use of computers, for example, has become an educational tool that presents the materials to be explained easily and easily in an attractive manner, away from the routine in the explanation.

Technology has contributed to the discovery of underground mineral resources through the development of remote sensing, which contributes to the rapid economic growth of areas that discover areas of concentration of their raw resources in the ground.

 The media has developed, thanks to satellites, there are both visual and audiovisual media, such as television, having been limited to print media such as the newspaper.

Astronomy research has developed and solved many mysteries about outer space as a result of the development of satellites, vehicles and spacecraft.

Enabling you to see the latest news and updates moment by moment, through social networks, the media and the Internet.

Cons of technology

Despite the advantages of multiple technologies, it has disadvantages that we should be careful of, we mention here some of them as follows:  

The development of technology has led to a growing global pollution problem. For example, pesticides and chemical fertilizers have been developed, but this has increased the problem of soil pollution.

Technology has led to the development of machinery used in factories to reduce time and effort, but in turn has led to the elimination of a large number of labor; to replace their workplace, resulting in increased unemployment.

The development of technology in the military field has led to wars and the accompanying deaths and destruction resulting from the development of weapons.

Technology has reduced the power of family connections; communication among individuals has often become electronic, leading to emotional alienation of family members.

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