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Animals essay in English
Animals essay in English

Animals essay in English

Animals essay in English ,contains many important information of animals and how to classify the various types. All that information you will find here in Animals essay in English .

Animals essay in English 

Animals are a living organism on the surface of the earth, a living organism that includes vertebrates and invertebrates, and is classified by several attributes.

 It is part of the environment that is of great importance in all respects and is a vital kingdom. We will classify animals into several groups with certain characteristics including the following.

Animals are classified by nature into;

Pets:  Animals that can be raised in the house, where it does not cause harm and live with it, and there are pets are a source of livelihood for owners such as sheep and cows, which farmers depend on for their livelihood. For example pets are cats, rabbits, sheep, pigeons and other animals.

Predatory animals: animals that humans can not live with, where they can harm them. However, there are some people who have managed to live with these animals, but there is a possibility of harming them. These animals are such as the lion, the elephant and the tiger,and so on.

Animals are divided according to the food they eat to:

herbivores: animals that feed on herbs such as rabbits, and livestock and cattle.

Animals that feed on meat or other animals such as a lion, and a tiger feeding on animals after catching them.

Multiple source food animals: where they eat meat, grasses, and insects, which are a little like starfish.

There is a classification of organisms in general, which is by the presence of a spine or not, and similarly there are vertebrates and not vertebrate. Vertebrates are animals that have a spine.

Not vertebrate animals are animals that do not have a spine, which is much more than vertebrate animals,  Where 97% of all animals.

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