Vacation essay sample
Vacation essay sample

Vacation essay sample

Vacation essay sample , contains many information about the school holiday and how to spend it in things useful and enjoyable and also earns a lot of reward for the help of those in need, all of which we will learn here in vacation essay sample.

Vacation essay sample

Summer holidays are important times that must be exploited in useful things and must be away from laziness and inactivity, you can do things that develop your skills and gain interest ,and this is what you will find here in vacation essay sample in English.


We find ourselves in times of work during the year in a state of constant preoccupation does not allow us to spend some time to build ourselves and modernize our skills in different fields.And the person tells himself “I am a working person spend my time at work,” and thus seek excuses for ourselves. But once the summer vacation comes, we forget what we had hoped for at work times and prefer relaxation and recreation.

I will mention some of the activities that we can do on the summer vacation:

Trying to visit some religious places and benefit from religious seminars in mosques and centers. Trying to achieve some of the goals that you dreamed of at a young age, going to the sports club.

Do some volunteer work. Some of us may have different skills. Some of us have a degree of science that will allow them to do lectures and seminars. Do it without hesitation. Those of us who have a strong physical structure will distribute some aid by participating in charity centers that care about the poor and homeless.

You must pay  attention to religious matters and the activities that you will practice by moving away from angering God in doing what God has forbidden and trying to visit some holy places such as Makkah and Madinah if it is possible.

In this way we have provided you with vacation essay sample in English ,and you can read more topics through the following link:

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