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Topic about swimming
Topic about swimming

Topic about swimming

Topic about swimming ,contains many important information  about swimming sport and its great benefits on the human body ,and here you will find a topic about swimming  contains all the information you care about.

Topic about swimming

Swimming is one of the most fun and useful sports at the same time, the swimmer enjoys his time and gets a great psychological and physical benefit ,and here you will find a topic about swimming with useful information on swimming.


The body during swimming practice gets as much of the amount of oxygen it needs.

In addition to providing a sense of relaxation and comfort, especially during the summer.

Health benefits of swimming ate countless such as reducing obesity to help burn a large number of calories that are not needed by the body.

Only one hour of swimming can lose the body’s calories from eight hundred to ninety calories.

Muscle strength is the advantage of people who swim regularly, possess a strong heart and strong muscles , and helps in the treatment of muscles with certain diseases and problems.

Get rid of stress through the feeling of relaxation and comfort it gives the body, specifically for people with a particular physical disability, or back pain and legs, especially the lower parts.

Is useful for pregnant women to strengthen the muscles of the body, especially the abdomen and shoulders, and water greatly reduces arthralgia pain and many other harassment suffered by pregnant women, according to a study published by the Institute Melpomene, which confirmed that pregnant women who swim are less prone to fatigue as well as abortion .

It is useful for breast cancer patients, especially after surgery , which helps to tighten the weak muscles, but it is best to consult with the doctor before exercising.

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