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Summer vacation essay
Summer vacation essay

Summer vacation essay

Summer vacation essay ,We all get summer vacation after a long wait. But our benefit varies according to our personalities and our way of life. The following is a simple topic to make it easier to write a summer vacation essay . You can change some places and activities to suit you. All this will be here in a summer vacation essay .

Summer vacation essay

After the end of the school year at any stage, students and teachers are ready to spend the summer vacation that they eagerly wait for it. It is a space to breathe through and exercise their activities without any restrictions. The summer holiday is characterized by the existence of much spare time. This must be exploited and invested well. So I’m going to write today about Summer vacation essay .

Summer vacation

To take advantage of the summer vacation, I had to carefully plan all the activities I wanted to do to avoid wasting time without achieving my summer vacation goals and the maximum use of it.


My level was poor at some school subjects. My first goal was to take advantage of the summer vacation to improve my academic level by enrolling in some of the summer materials offered by the school in order to improve my academic level.


Besides improving my academic level, my plan also included improving my physical level and mental fitness by joining summer centers such as Holy Quran learning centers, sports and fitness centers such as karate, taekwondo, swimming, learning chess and playing football with friends.


My plan also included some activities to develop my intellectual talent, such as developing my talents such as drawing, writing stories, articles, poetry, and following new inventions.


My plan also included activities to relax my mind and renew my activity during the summer vacation such as going out to the parks and go on summer trips, especially to the mountains and the sea.


I did not forget to put in my plan to do some voluntary work that benefits the community such as joining youth centers that providing a lot of activities and also volunteering for charities.


Due to economic conditions, my plan, of course, included the allocation of time to work to improve my financial status by joining a simple job so that I could earn a sum of money to meet my needs.


I did not forget in my plan to devote some time to visiting relatives and helping the family in their work.

It was a useful summer vacation, during which I achieved my goals.

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