Sports essay writing
Sports essay writing

Sports essay writing

Sports essay writing , contains all you need to know of important and valuable information about sport and its importance, and all what you want to know about sport  will be here in sports essay writing in English.

Sports essay writing

Sports is now something important and necessary for the lives of many people and sports have many benefits on the health and psychological state of man ,and here you will find sports essay writing in English contains all the information about sports.


The sport is one of the best practices of human beings, and it is not just a hobby like other hobbies which are luxuries, but are necessary for the completeness of the health of the body, fitness, endurance and soft weight. Everyone must devote hours to practice every day.

The importance of sports to the body of its direct impact on the aesthetic aspect of him; the person who exercises sport has a body tight and graceful, and rid of the tics that can distort the external appearance,  In terms of health, sport is very important to regulate the level of sugar in the blood. Exercise contributes to the burning of excess sugar in the body and reduce its level in the blood, which directly affects the health of the body.

The benefits of sport also that it maintains the health of the heart and blood vessels, by dissolving the fat accumulated in the blood, and activates the circulatory system, which increases the flow of blood through the arteries and veins to and from all cells of the body, and reduces cholesterol in the blood, and protects the arteries from the incidence of sclerosis, And reduces the risk of blood clots.

It enhances the function of the immune system for its direct effect on the lymphatic system. It reduces the accumulation of harmful fats around its tissues, thus enhancing its functions. This makes the body more resistant to diseases, infections and colds. The sport also improves respiratory performance,and delay the appearance of signs of aging on the skin and the body in general.

The effect of sports on mental health is to reduce the negative energy stored in the body, reduce stress and tension, and promote positive thinking, and the expulsion of idle and laziness, and feelings of depression; because the sport promotes the secretion of the hormone of happiness, it strengthens human memory, and helps to understand and conservation, and help To deep sleep, calm the nerves, and improve the general mood of the person.

At present, all countries pay particular attention to sport so that most countries have a Ministry of Sports to support them, encourage people to practice and organize them. Many sports are also held in the form of large international competitions that bring joy to the hearts of people,  Sports can not be complicated, it can be practiced while walking up the stairs, walking with beautiful scenery, swimming, you can also buy sports equipment and put it at home and exercise with all its benefits, and take full benefits, which do not Requires non-will.

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