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Social networking sites essay
Social networking sites essay

Social networking sites essay

Social networking sites essay , learn from it a lot of important information you want to know about social networking sites that have become widespread and used by adults and young people. And we will also know the importance and disadvantages and also the positives, and all that information will find here in Social networking sites essay.

Social networking sites essay

Social networking sites have been able to bring people closer and make the world a small village, but we have to use it better. All of this we will know here in  in Social networking sites essay.

 Social networking sites

With the development of technology and the invention of a phone that connects distant sites and remote people together, This facilitated communication and the possibility of people knowing each other’s news easily.

The series of tremendous technological developments continued until it reached the use of the Internet in communication,  So this method became widespread not only communicate via voice , but  also the possibility of viewing images and video.

Social networking pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been created that connect the world to each other, enable them to communicate with each other, learn about each other’s news, establish new relationships and consolidate past relationships. These sites can introduce people to each other and remind people of events that friends have. 

Social networking sites are a means of exchanging ideas, information and knowledge, developing skills and creative ideas, as well as learning about the culture of other peoples and leading to the development of societies.

But with all these privileges and benefits of social networking sites, but if used in a negative and wrong way  it will reflect on the user.

Youth and adolescents should not be left on these sites for long times because it may cause addiction.Young men and women are in a rush and love for adventure with little risk assessment.

These sites may lead to a lack of privacy in the life,and cause a lot of wasting time which may occupy the person from work and life and study, and may lead to the isolation of people and mental illness.

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