Short essay on water
Short essay on water

Short essay on water

Short essay on water , contains everything you need to know about water and its importance for all living things ,and all that information you will find here in Short essay on water .

Short essay on water

Water is the key of our existence and the secret of life and everyone has a role in preserving water so that life will continue ,and all that information about water and its importance will be found here in Short essay on water.


Water is a transparent liquid that has no color, no smell, no taste, and may be in the form of vapor (gaseous), or in the form of ice (solid state), and these cases of water are a continuous cycle that keeps the existence of water in the universe.

The human body is made up of 70% of the water. Man can not live without water. It is responsible for all the vital processes in his body, and helps to get ride of waste and toxins out of the body, and contributes to the prevention of many diseases such as kidney , Heart, and liver disease.

We must drink water in hot climates so as not to lose balance, which is especially important for the pregnant and for people who exercise continuously, and the water facilitates digestion and thus helps to maintain a suitable weight for the human.

And the water in human life has other importance ,it is used at home to clean it, and to cook. Man has used water to generate power .

And water enters the production of many industries, and there is no way to limit the uses and importance of water to humans here, because they are too many.

Plants need water in varying amounts. Some plants do not produce fruit unless they are irrigated with large quantities of water.

There are plants that need less water, but there is no plant on the ground that does not need water. The plant takes water from its roots and distributes it to the rest of its parts.

Animals also need water. Milk-producing animals need water more than others, and animals get water through drinking water, If the water level of the animal is reduced, its respiratory system is affected.

Man benefits from plant and animal ,so he must  supply them with the necessary water to sustain productivity, and life will continue as well.

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