School essay in English
School essay in English

School essay in English

School essay in English , contains all the important information about the school and its importance and virtue in the life of the individual and society and how the school has a key role in the advancement of nations, and here you will find school essay in English contains everything that benefits you.

School essay in English

There is no doubt that the school has a great importance in the lives of individuals that are teaching values ​​and good morals as well as its role in providing the various sciences , and here you will find school essay in English contains all the information you seek.

The school

In school, we learn religious lessons and learn how to pray, which is the pillar of religion, and in which we learn the good morals which are qualities of the Prophet – peace be upon him – and through this status spread Islam, We learn the basics of the Arabic language and learn to read and write, which illuminate the way in all areas of life, and by learning Arabic we learn to read the Koran.

In the school through learning history and geography, we learn about our country and the different countries, and learn about its customs and traditions, and thus we recognize the differences between our country and those countries, as well as learn about the various natural phenomena, we know the cause of eclipses  and rotation of the earth, we learn about man, plants, animals and so on;

Students learn how to solve mathematical problems by learning to combine, subtract, divide and multiply .

The school is a center of cultural and spiritual enlightenment that enlightens the society in its proper way. The school is the first class to rise to the high grades in terms of the presence of the teacher and doctor, engineer and others who illuminate the way for future generations.

In addition, the students develop hobbies, skills, drawings, handicrafts, and other skills and creations created by students.The school, which provides us with education and ethics and things are countless, it is our duty to maintain it,  And to appreciate the role it plays in building correct beliefs and correcting erroneous behavior, and what it contributes to the building of the family and society.

Therefore, there must be cooperation between the school and the family, and to be a good example of saying and working, through the holding of councils and courses between teachers and parents to know the weaknesses and work to reform, to be the best nation brought out to the people.

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