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Restaurant essay
Restaurant essay

Restaurant essay

Restaurant essay ,Every person needs to entertain himself by going to a place he prefers. Most people prefer to go to restaurants as a chance to have a ready-made meal with a different taste. Without suffering the purchase of groceries, food processing, cooking and dish washing. As well as the opportunity to discover new flavors and exotic foods from different countries and cultures, these points were great for use in Restaurant essay.

Restaurant essay

walls and seats. It has a large circle place for sitting, plants and the fans are very large everywhere, but the temperature of the atmosphere was higher and the humidity was low. fans stopped in the middle

The place is large and wide with white and brown colors in the of our seat there.

The view overlooks beautiful towers and the Nile around you from everywhere. What a nice view.

The menu includes Lebanese, Egyptian and international cuisine: cold and hot entrees, pizza and grilled meats, hot and cold drinks.

The first thing served was a bottle of water. We ordered boneless chicken and the shawarma fatteh with traditional salad and sambousek. The sambousek was well fried and not over fried, and the chicks were roasted well done. It was very great, with cooked green wheat, on which sweet nuts, and the shawarma was well done. The order included rice and toast.

The most attractive thing is serving our orders quickly and very hot.

At sunset, the waiter placed a small wax on the tables to complement the romantic atmosphere of the place with the quiet music.

In the drinks section, we ordered cocktail, a different cocktail of juices, and it was wonderful and very refreshing with the ice, and we ordered the strawberry cocktail with espresso.

The restaurant is great and I loved its food and the way it served and the service level was good.

I will return soon to this restaurant with my wife and my children.

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