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Research on the Internet
Research on the Internet

Research on the Internet

Research on the internet  contains everything you care about  the Internet and also about its disadvantages. All that information you will find here in a research on the Internet in English.

Research on the Internet

The internet has become an integral part of our lives and it is of great importance that can not be dispensed with. The Internet has great benefits in the lives of peoples and societies but it also has deadly damage if we do not use it well. All of this we will know here in a research on the Internet.


The Internet has become an integral part of human life, where the Internet is one of the greatest inventions in human history.

This invention has added to human life new things. It has added to them the ability to communicate from around the world and the ability to transmit information quickly.In addition to the many different benefits that changed the nature of life in various aspects.

But with the many different benefits that no one can hide, the Internet is a great harm if not used properly, both by society and individuals of all nationalities and ages, it is a double-edged sword.

Internet damage to children and adolescents

Children are the most vulnerable groups of the Internet, with a lack of sense of responsibility, a lack of awareness of what is going on around them, and love to explore everything around them, the danger that threatens them during the use of the Internet is too large if not always monitored, and teach them how to use the Internet in the right way.

One of the biggest dangers the Internet poses to children is pornography. Children during puberty and adolescence are exposed to such sites, which are far from reality and at an early age,which may lead to harm their childhood, and their behavior in the future.

Studies show that most children under the age of 18, and especially the males are opening pornographic sites continuously. The risk of sexual content on the Internet is not limited to pornographic sites only, the circulation of sexual content and correspondence among adolescents poses a danger to their behavior, and their way of thinking as well.

Another risk to children and adolescents is their occasional attraction to cybercriminals, Who use the Internet by correspondence or otherwise to attract and exploit them in different ways. Criminal files indicate that there are many cases in which this group is attracted to criminals.

The danger of the Internet is not limited to these things only, but we may find the danger of the Internet even in things that we consider natural, such as digital games, social networking sites.

Although the games are entertaining and useful in many cases, but some games not suitable for children may Contain violent or sexual content that affects their interaction and their behavior.

Internet risk to society

The dangers we mentioned earlier for the Internet also affect society with the perverse behavior of children and adolescents,  And the continuation of this behavior with many of them even after they grow up.

However, there are many direct threats to the Internet on the society, which include: wasting time, society grows only when each person takes advantage of his time and organize it. It is one of the things that impede the development and destruct the society.

The internet is one of the major ways criminals can penetrate people’s lives, deceive them or even access them through the Internet and commit various crimes, which can lead to insecurity in the community to a very large extent if not monitored by governments.

We have provided you with a research on the internet, and you can read more through the following section:

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