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Paragraph on teacher in English
Paragraph on teacher in English

Paragraph on teacher in English

Paragraph on teacher in English contains all the information about the teacher’s job and the suffering of the teacher from the fatigue and effort ,and here you will find a paragraph on teacher in English .

Paragraph on teacher in English

There is no doubt that the job of the teacher is a very stressful job which leads to advancement of the people and individuals.All this will be found here in a paragraph on teacher in English .Here you will find four paragraphs to choose what suits your ideas.

 The first paragraph

The teacher leaves the warmth of his home in the winter and the love of his family in the time of misery to illuminate the path of his students, and bear the ripeness of his students in order to spread the science and complete the message, so the message is the message of science, as science builds bridges and homes and even skyscrapers, he is the one who heal wounds, diseases and tragedies.

The second paragraph

He is the teacher who hold the greatest message of the greatest creation of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, who did not give up and never lost hope in his people and the creation of his Lord, who was chosen among all the creatures to carry the finest message and teach others,  the teacher follows the apostle when he labors and labors to deliver information that may be the only way of survival from our dark reality.

The third paragraph

The words are still lost in the sea of ​​lines looking for what you say to the teacher, that enlightening to the dark circles, who is the greatest person who tries hard and hard to publish what is in his collection of information and secrets without being bored, he stands in front of many obstacles facing him in our time .

The fourth paragraph

We are in a time when we forget the virtue of others, but does the teacher like others? Who else crack his hands of chalk and solve the issues hundreds, and perhaps even thousands of times to teach his students? who else hurt his vocal cords echoing the poem of poetry, or the verses of the Koran  to have done his duty to the fullest? Who else spends the hours standing on his feet, which have ulcerated from fatigue? Thank you, teacher, thank you.

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