Essay on personal hygiene 2 Models

Essay on personal hygiene

Essay on personal hygiene, it is important for students to learn personal hygiene, and the child should be learning the basics of personal hygiene at home, Like showering, trimming nails, doing hair, getting rid of unpleasant odors such as sweat, using brushes and toothpaste regularly, doing hair. Wearing clean clothes, …

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Essay on train journey 2 Models

Essay on train journey

An essay on  train journey is one of the easy essays that the student can write in a simple way. In this topic we will present a 500 word essay on train journey. Below, students will find a paragraph of the train and its journeys. Everyone loves trains and they …

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Essay on youth and age 2 Models

Essay on youth and age

An essay on youth and age is an important article, so we will present 500 words about this interesting topic. As for talking about youth, it’s an interesting conversation. Students at all educational levels should learn how to write paragraphs and sentences on youth and age. Below we will provide …

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Essay on my favourite author 2 Models

Essay on my favourite author

An essay on my favourite author, in which we present 500 words about a favourite author for children and students at various educational levels. This is one of the great topics that students love to write about. Where we will give them easy and short sentences about a famous writer, …

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Essay on a good friend 2 Models

Essay on a good friend

Essay on a good friend, having a good friend is one of the most important things in our life. Because of the importance of this topic, we will present to you the following 500-word essay on a good friend. We will talk through it about the characteristics of a loyal …

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Essay on earthquake 2 Models

Essay on earthquake

Essay on earthquake, in this important topic we will talk in a paragraph and a 500-word essay on earthquake. This natural phenomenon is one of the phenomena that occur in all countries of the world. Students at all educational levels must know information and sentences about earthquakes and how to …

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Speech on punctuality 2 Models

Speech on punctuality

Speech on punctuality, in this article we will give students 500 words about the importance of time. The young child must learn to organize his time between playing and studying. So he doesn’t spend all the time just playing. Below you will find short and long sentences about time. A …

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Essay on rainy season 2 Models

Essay on rainy season

Essay on rainy season, in this article we will introduce students to an integrated 500-word essay on rainy season. Where students can learn how to write a paragraph on winter and rainy season. We will not forget to provide sentences about the seasons of the year and winter. Students of …

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My school achievements 2 Models

My school achievements

My school achievements are many, and all of them are honorable achievements, so it is important to write an essay on my school achievements, because that makes me proud. My school’s achievements are great, I’m really lucky to be studying in this school. My school is making achievements in all …

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