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Nature essay in English
Nature essay in English

Nature essay in English

Nature essay in English ,There is no doubt that everything in nature is a source of life for all living beings. Here we will learn about all the nature . All that information and more you will find here in a nature essay in English. 

Nature essay in English

Nature is Allah gift to the mankind to make use of all its sources, beauty and magic to enjoy it’s benefits.

It is the secret of the survival of life and the base of its continuation.

Without the goodness of nature that God gift to people, there would be no life.

Oceans, animals, plants and many more, are only a small part of nature, where forests full of trees and greenery, seas and oceans and mountains gloriously embracing the horizon, and green plains that extend to the end of view, valleys and deserts; nature is mine of beauty and life, which gives joy to hearts and delight the eye and spirit.

Nature is not limited to the things that appear in it. The most important thing is to observe the finer things that nature contains.

There is nothing more beautiful than contemplating the splendor of little butterflies and birds. Nothing is more beautiful than looking at the rain falling from the sky. Let’s take the trees as an example. There are tall trees with branches out to the sky, and some of it sticks to the ground.

Nature is fascinating, especially when change, breaking the barrier of boredom. For example, the green forest in the spring, which gives the greenery and the joy of nature, changes according to the four seasons of the year, so it has a wonderful advantage that should only be for the wonderful and renewable nature of nature.

Nature is go through great changes. A quiet nature may become angry at a moment, like a storm, a volcano, an earthquake or a destructive tsunami.

The greatness and splendor of nature is reflected in the sunrise and sunset.

In the sunrise, the sun begins to glaze on the sky, to announce the beginning of a new day, so that nature will shine with everything in it.

At sunset, the lines of the red twilight spread to cover the sky to draw a wonderful portrait that is no artist can paint.

The sunset is one of the unique views that overwhelm all types of beauty.

Whatever we described nature; we cannot fulfill even a small part of its right. Nature description is something that never ends, and everything within nature from smallest and simplest to the greatest and most complex things gives us lessons in life to see it in all its beauty.

We have to preserve nature to keep it renewable, fresh and pure forever.

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