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My favorite game essay
My favorite game essay

My favorite game essay

My favorite game essay , contains all the important and valuable information about the football game. Here, you will find My favorite game essay   with all the information you care about.

My favorite game essay

Football has become an integral part of the cultures of the people, and they love it and are strongly associated with it. Here we offer you My favorite game essay  that contains all the information you are looking for.


One of the most beautiful games that can be played are group games, where develop the individual spirit of cooperation, and love of the team, and attract the person towards the collective action, and one of these games is the game of football, which is one of the most popular sports practiced, and follow-up by all the people in the world, and I will talk to you about this wonderful sport.

I used to play soccer with my friends in the school yard and in the playground .When the atmosphere is nice, we divide ourselves into two teams. Each team consists of 11 people and we start playing.

Football is a fun and easy sport. Use your body to control the ball, but be careful to use your hands ,it is forbidden,with the exception of the goalkeeper, who is the only one among us who uses his hands to take the ball, and there are many other laws committed by professional players, but we ignore them, we rely in our win on the number of balls that we pay in the goal of the other team, The team that pays the most balls is the winner, and we do not have a specific time for the game.We keep playing until we feel tired.

At most times we can not play, the adults refuse to play in the afternoon when the sun is hot, because the heat of the sun can hit us with a blow to the sun; for that we practice our games in the time of Alasr, The practice of football in the winter is difficult; because of the cold air, and because of the possibility of falling.

At other times, we always receive strict instructions to prevent us from playing in the street.Many of the traffic accidents have been exposed to people I know because of their street play, and playing football inside the house is also forbidden because we often break furniture and windows while playing.

When I do not play football with my friends, I watch football matches on television or the Internet.I encourage many local and international teams that are fun and interesting.

I learn a lot from the professional players.Despite my great love for the team I encourage, I do not quarrel with my friends and brothers who encourage other teams.

The idea of ​​football is a moral game, and the  fanaticism and quarrels for the sake of the difference is the ignorance of the fans. My father always says:

“If one abandons his morals and principles for anything ; Even for the things he loves, is evidence of backwardness and intolerance).

In the end, no matter how we differ, we love one sport and enjoy its ethics.I truly hope with all my heart that there will be no fanaticism in football and that I will continue to play this wonderful game even after I become younger.

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