Modern technology essay

Modern technology essay

Modern technology essay , contains the definition of technology and the importance of technology in human life as well as its benefits and damage. All of this will be found here in Modern technology essay .

Modern technology essay

Technology has become indispensable in our lives and has many benefits and damages and this is what we will learn here in Modern technology essay.


Technology is a contemporary term, which we hear a lot about, especially nowadays. Its concept has become common to all individuals of all ages, and technology can be defined as:

Independent knowledge of its origins, objectives and theories. In addition, it is an applied science designed to apply knowledge. Technology has several advantages, is designed to solve many problems.

And we can identify it in more detail, saying that it is the use of sophisticated electronic devices  for educational or recreational purposes.

And the human uses it to save time and effort to complete his work and meet his needs.Technology is not simply the possession of tools and devices; it is ideas that are found to solve problems.  

Technology is an independent, applied science with its origins and theories, and seeks to provide knowledge to people.  Technology is a process of constant evolution, modification and improvement.

Components of technology

Inputs; contain all elements and components required for product development, such as: individuals, theories and research, objectives, machines, materials , funds, administrative regulations, methods of work and facilities.  

Processes; A method of processing and modifying inputs and converting them into a product.

Outputs; are the final information, in the form of a ready-to-use system.

Benefits of technology

Technology has several benefits, including: increasing the identification of new people from cultures and other countries and facilitating communication among them.

People know everything about the news around them , technology has facilitated a lot of business for women, and has affected education, industry and trade positively.

Cons of technology

The technology has negatively affected many people; it has caused a situation in people called “technology addiction”; many people use the Internet or playstation games for long periods of time, as well as individuals who use the Internet in a negative and harmful way to themselves and their surroundings.

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