Memorable day of my life essay
Memorable day of my life essay

Memorable day of my life essay

Memorable day of my life essay ,contains a lot of kind and fresh emotions that overwhelm you when a happy urge passes like we will talk about here. All of this will be found here in Memorable day of my life essay .

Memorable day of my life essay

There is no doubt that our lives are full of happy and sad events, but what we must remember is the happy event that gives us a boost in our lives. You’ll find an example here in Memorable day of my life essay .

 Memorable day of my life

Happy stations that man pass through are many , They are helping the owner in life , When you go back to the past and remember a happy station or a happy day ,this gives you strength.  I remembered an incident still engraved in my memory and in my heart.

This was a few years ago, when I was a small child. The headmaster had set us a school trip, towards the Mediterranean. He stressed the need to attend at 3:00 AM, just before dawn prayers.

That night I was dreaming of the journey and its facts, and how it would look like a sea scene. It took me to sleep that night for the sweetness of the trip to myself.

It was unfortunate that I had woken up late, and suffered a lot because I would not realize the journey,  I hastily got dressed, washed my face, and rushed out.

I felt the ground fold under my feet. The school was a little far away, and there were no cars at this hour.

I arrived the school , the students were heading towards the bus, the school principal called out names, and suddenly I heard him calling for my name, I lifted my hand,  He laughed and said:  If it were a few minutes late we would have left.

Here I imagined how if the journey went without me, at this moment I felt a thrill reflected on an interactive way with the trip, and on the journey stations.

When I was on the Mediterranean beach I imagined in every enjoyable station , how if I could not participate in the trip ?! .

Before returning from the trip, the principal was inspecting the names of the students. When he called out my name, he laughed and shook his head, and this alone made me feel happy.

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