Life changing experience essay
Life changing experience essay

Life changing experience essay

Life changing experience essay , is a topic that shows how there are events that may occur in the life of a person and change the style of life completely, and this change varies depending on the exposure of man positions and events, and may be a change for the better and this is something good, and may be The change to the worse.All this is here in Life changing experience essay. 

Life changing experience essay

I was a student in the ( junior\ high ) school and I met some new friends. I did not know about their ethics.  After the end of the school day, one of them suggested that we meet in the evening to spend some time together in the picnic and fun.

And I agreed and met them in the evening and we had dinner at a nearby restaurant.After we left the restaurant, one of them got out of his pocket some drugs and distributed it to others and tried to give me also of these drugs, but I refused strongly.

The rest of the friends took these drugs easily and did not oppose.Minutes later,I found one of the friends him tired , unable to breathe and became unaware of what was around him and a fainting and loss of consciousness.

I was very scared and worried about my friend. I asked for the ambulance quickly and gave them the required information and asked them to come as quickly as possible to save my friend.

My friend was taken to the hospital in a very serious condition and unfortunately he was not rescued. His family was blamed on us and all of us were interrogated by the police until proven that I did not take any narcotic substances.

 This time passed with difficulty and I regretted very much that I knew these friends. This was a useful lesson for me and I knew that choosing a good friend with good morals was a very important thing for your success and excellence.

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