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Holidays in Aqaba essay
Holidays in Aqaba essay

Holidays in Aqaba essay

Holidays in Aqaba essay, Aqaba is a beautiful coastal city overlooking the Red Sea. It is one of the oldest cities inhabited by humans for nearly 4000 years. During which it was exposed to many events and the ground of many civilizations. Which adds to the coastal debtor a historical character because it contains some important historical sites.All this information will be found here in Holidays in Aqaba essay .

Holidays in Aqaba

After negotiations and discussions between me and my wife about where we will spend Eid al-Adha holiday, we agreed to go to the Aqaba city on the Red Sea.

Because of the high prices of furnished apartments in Aqaba as well as the difficulty of getting a hotel room during the holiday period, because most hotels are reserved for Eid. And in order not to exhaust ourselves for eight hours of driving to and from Aqaba, We decided to book with a tourism company that organizes tourist trips to Aqaba.

This office organizes our transportation, our Aqaba accommodation and a recreational program during our stay in Aqaba for three days and two nights.

Our journey to Aqaba was not long because our guide was a cheerful and he was telling us stories and jokes all the way.

After Aqaba Customs for nearly a quarter of an hour, the first thing we saw is the Palestinian village of Umm al-Rashrash – occupied Eilat – and then the city of Aqaba appeared with its beauty and the charm of its sea. We were happy to see the Aqaba city, and as soon as we entered the city and arrived at the hotel our guide arranged our accommodation and assured that everything all right.

Our trip to Aqaba with the tourism company is three days and two nights, including many activities. The first day includes boat boarding at night for three hours with a dinner and a DJ concert.

On the second day, they took us to the southern shore and to the marine science station. Then they gave us free time to shop and enjoy the Aqaba markets.

On the second night, there was a dinner with a restaurant in Aqaba.

On the third (last) day, we checked out and the guide gift us free time to shop. Then he took us to Shuwaikh Mall and the Chinese village. This was the end of our tour program and we returned to Amman.

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