High school graduation essay
High school graduation essay

High school graduation essay

High school graduation essay,  that describes the feelings of joy in graduation and the transition to a new stage of study, which is university , and the day of graduation from high school is a beautiful day awaits every student because this day is the end of the secondary stage and the beginning of the university that determines the future of the student.

High school graduation essay

The secondary stage is of great importance in the life of the student. In this stage, the student ‘s dependence on himself increased in the learning process as he increased his awareness, developed his mind and developed his abilities .

graduated from high school is the end of this stage and the beginning of a greater stage in learning and self – reliance in the collection of different sciences and its sources, and the use of modern technology in learning.

Therefore graduation from high school is the first path to a broader life that contains many experiences and skills that must be equipped by the student to successfully pass the university.


And the day of graduation from high school is a day mixed with feelings, there are feelings of joy and happiness for the completion of the secondary stage to succeed.

And there are feelings of fear to move to the new stage, which is the university and the increase in the study and must rely on self-collection of information to a large extent.

There are also some feelings of sadness for the separation of our teachers and the separation of the friends we met every day.

On the day of graduating from high school, each student plans for his or her future. This will be done by joining with the rest of the family and choosing the appropriate college to join and complete the university studies. Upon graduating from the university, the student will put his foot on the first course of action.

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