Graduate school essay
Graduate school essay

Graduate school essay

Graduate school essay ,  the most beautiful day in the life of the student is the graduation day because a graduation party to a student means a lot of feelings that express the success and optimism and happiness  To achieve the desired success at this stage and look to the future and can realize his dreams to be an important person and distinctive and beneficial to himself first and to his homeland and all humanity.

Graduate school essay

Today was the day to set up a graduation party for my brother so I and my sister and my mother and father went to the graduation ceremony of my brother and was a day filled with joy and happiness.

And we found a wonderful organization of the party from the school administration, there are places dedicated to the teachers, and other places for students and parents , and the platform for the school director and visiting gentlemen from the Ministry of Education.

The school theater prepared well to present the graduation party. The students were carefully trained on these passages and started the graduation party by reading verses from the Holy Quran, greeting the visiting masters and the parents of the students.

And then presenting a beautiful theater performance that the students represented. This play introduced joy and pleasure to the audience. 

Then a student presented a poem that talks about success and happiness by ending the school stage and wishing the students all the best.

Then one of the teachers read the names of the first students. The name of my brother was among these names, which brought joy and pleasure to all members of the family. Then the director of the school presented the students with certificates of appreciation.

At the end of my brother’s graduation ceremony, the principal’s speech was to thank the teachers who worked hard to raise the scientific level of their students.

He also thanked the students for their good behavior and keenness to succeed and excellence, and thanked the parents who cooperated with the school in solving the problems experienced by the students.

The school principal concluded by congratulating the students on the success and wished them success and excellence.

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