Friendship topic
Friendship topic

Friendship topic

Friendship topic , contains words and phrases about the importance of friendship in the life of every human being and how friendship is a door of psychological and social happiness. All that information will be found here in friendship topic .

Friendship topic

Friendship is one of the names of social relations between people, friendship needs rights and duties and also conditions to succeed and last forever, and all  this you will find here in  friendship topic.


Friendship is a relationship between two or more people, founded on honesty, affection, love, and friendship is one of the most important social relations between people.

The importance of friendship;

Friendship is of great importance and benefits. It is one of the most important social relations that take place between people. This is reflected in the following points:

Friendship is an important social bond, by which brotherhood is achieved, cooperation in matters of good, and interdependence among individuals.

Taking a good friend who fears God, and who has good ethics in it is a lot of good, and a great benefit, it is known that a person must be affected by his friend, if a friend is good, it will become good as a friend, and this friend will be an example.

The real friend appoints his friend, stands by his side, helps him if he is in trouble, or suffers some hardship. This is one of the most important benefits of true friendship. Therefore, we can compare this friendship with the safety valve. If a person does not have friends, he finds no one to support him, and stands beside him in times of embarrassment and distress.

Friendship allows friends to share and cooperate in good things, and spend time with  useful activities. Friendship is a door to happiness.

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