Favorite movie essay
Favorite movie essay

Favorite movie essay

Favorite movie essay ,Contains a film you have seen before and influenced by you in a big way or talking about the quality of different films and their importance and what is your favorite kind of movies.All this information will be found here in a favorite movie essay.

Favorite movie essay

The Forbidden Story


The forbidden story is a black and white Egyptian movie of 1963 production. The movie discusses a variety of human aspects and human nature through drama and comedy.

The movie revolves around Hanaa, a rural girl who went to live with Kassem Bey, the cousin of her father, the only surviving from her family. She took with her a basket full of food and carrying a large goose, which caused a costly Chinese vase break.


Kassem Bey was unhappy with her arrival. Kassem is womanizer and changed his name to Jalal.

Jalal impressed by the beauty of his kinswoman and sought to teach her the principles of urbanization.


When Jalal noticed that their neighbor was watching her, he sent his kinswoman with her maid to live in a faraway villa in Heliopolis.

Ahmed is a lawyer working for Jalal’s office. During Ahmad’s visit to a client in Heliopolis, he sees Hana running behind the goose after fleeing from the villa to the street.  


Ahmad grabbed the goose and exchanged a few words with Hana. They attracted to each other from the first meeting.

Ahmed tells Jalal about his adventures and  Jalal begins giving him instructions to get closer to the heart of his beloved.

Although Hana talked to Ahmad about his boss, he did not know him because she was talking about Kassem Bey. At the same time, Jalal was flirting with Hana, who is younger than him, hoping to fall in love with him, but Ahmad won her heart thanks to Jalal’s advice.

When Ahmed tells Jalal that he is hampered by an old relative, Jalal advised him to leave her old relative to live with Ahmed without knowing that he is the old intended relative.

On the other hand, Mujahid the “villa gardener” loves Hana’s maid and prepares for the marriage.

By chance, Ahmed knows that Jalal is Hana’s relative and escapes with Hana and decides to marry her.

Finally, Jalal acknowledge the triumph of youth love, and blesses their marriage.

The film is written by Radwan Tolba

Scenario and dialogue of Ali Al-Zarkani

Directed by Radwan Tolba

Assistant director Simon Saleh

Second assistant airector Gamal Ammar

Actors: Magda, Shukri Sarhan, Mahmoud El Meligy, Wedad Hamdi, Aziza Helmy, Adly Kaseb.

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