Essay writing about holiday
Essay writing about holiday

Essay writing about holiday

Essay writing about holiday , is a very useful topic aimed at enriching the student’s vocabulary and improving his or her ability to express and organize ideas. Such topics aim at the student’s interest in helping to express many occasions so that he can speak English fluently and express what he wants easily.All this will be here in an essay writing about holiday .

Essay writing about holiday

People differ in their way of dealing with holidays according to their culture and awareness of the value of time. There are those who benefit from it and some who waste it and . In this regard, I discuss the method of organizing holidays and the importance of time utilization.All this is here in an essay writing about holiday .

 The holiday

Students and employees alike differ in their use and benefit of midterm vacation. This is due to a culture of awareness of the value of time they have.

People differ, there is proficient in dealing with time, and there is the abuser. In the middle of the year, the periods between the first and second semesters, where students and teachers take short leave.

They take 15- 20 days’ leave, and I do not say free time, because time is the pot of every job, and it goes fast, and what is past is never compensated. We must gain time with all that is useful.

How do we spend mid-year leave?

There are elements for a mid-year vacation. Time management is the key. The first step in the vacation is to divide the time into units according to the work we plan to do. Also, a list of tasks and programs that can be achieved in the vacation is a must.

Urgent and important quadrant method is very useful in this regard. Do not forget also to divide the time according to the levels of goals that have been developed.

The goals should be diversified in a single day. Every day we should do the work that includes the first three goals, the urgent /important works, not urgent /important works, urgent /not important, and not forget doing something regarding not urgent /not important works.

There is a need to be flexible in our plans, provided not exceed the maximum ten minutes at most. The flexibility left to the factors of emergency, both things of life, or from the interactions of self with external influences. Recreation and self-relaxation is also required, whenever I feel bored or lack of concern or interest.

Changing the pattern of life (routine), renews vigor, and re-releases the spirit of the leap again.

After downswing, we must combine the beneficial actions to our health, what is useful for our life and useful to our thoughts and feelings.

All these things strengths our personality in which we continue our lives.

Every day takes a share of our ages, so let us make the elements of time for our benefit, not against us, make an effort to achieve our goals, an impulse to the sky, develop ourselves and complete our deficiency and deal with our inability.

We will not achieve perfection, but with patience and will determination we will achieve our goals.

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