Essay on sister
Essay on sister

Essay on sister

Essay on sister , The sister has a great place in any family and she is the source of happiness and joy at home cares about her brothers as if she is their mother. All she seeks is their happiness and comfort.All this will be found here in an essay on sister.

 Essay on sister

The sister has a high status among any family. She is the source of happiness and joy at home. Cares about her brothers as if she is their mother. All what she wan is their happiness, comfort, free from harm.

In my life, I saw many examples of the loving and caring sister who cares for the well being of her younger and older brothers as if she is their mother. This is the nature of which God created it. There are many people who wish they had a sister who loves them and cares for them.

The sister is a faithful friend and the keeper of secrets and the wise person who provides us with useful advice for the best interests of her brothers. She can understand the situation of her brother in a quick look at her brother’s face. She knows what makes them happy or sad. She is their little mother.

Friends may abandon each other, but your sister will stay next to you whatever the circumstances, always willing to sacrifice for you.

In childhood, the sister is your play partner, who is always keen on your safety during the play, and when you grow up, she is the wise person with reasonable mind that gives you sincere advice and guide you for your best.

Most young girls enjoy some rationality, unlike boys, who are reckless and do not take into account the consequences.

So when your sister plays with you, she works her mind and thinks about the consequences while you only think about playing and having fun, which may put you at risk in many situations, but fortunately, the presence of your sister with you and allow her to alert you to the consequences and drew your attention to the danger. This saves you from exposure to many dangerous situations.

I remember my sister in our childhood, and how affectionate she was to us even though she was younger than us. I remember her eyes laughing when I brought her candy and dolls that she prefers. I remember her tears and her sadness when I was sick and her joy when I recovered.

At the end of this topic, I strongly recommend everyone who has a sister to take care of her make her happy as much as he can.

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