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Essay on Paris
Essay on Paris

Essay on Paris

Essay on Paris, contains all the importance information of Paris and the beauty of this picturesque city and also the most important tourist attractions located in Paris, which attracts tourists to visit every year from around the world. All this information will be found here in Essay on Paris.

Essay on Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world. You can not visit France and its environs without going to Paris, a picturesque city that is a cultural capital that attracts tourists from all the world’s nationalities.

There are many European countries that enjoy cultural, natural and classical beauty. One of these countries are France, which is rich in culture, including architecture and diverse museums.

The capital of France is Paris, one of the largest European cities, and the city is characterized by the progress of cultural modernity and classical alike.

Paris is known as the capital of French beauty, an important region of the French provinces. Paris city overlooks the River Seine, and the Manche Sea, under which a tunnel connecting the cities of England and France, which accelerates the movement between the two cities.

Paris was called the city of light in the seventeenth century to the eighteenth century. The reason for its designation is the Parisian family.

Paris has the fourth most important river port. The city is divided into 20 districts, each divided into four districts headed by the town’s mayor. The city contains two islands, St. Louis and La Sété.

In addition, it is a tourist city with excellence, visited by a large number of tourists a year. Eiffel Tower  was closely linked to this city, built in 1889, and is one of the important tourist attractions for the various tourists.

The height of this tower is 324 m, has increased the height of this tower to 327 m in 2011,it is made of iron. The tower was named after the person who built it who is Gustave Eiffel.

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