Essay on mother day in English
Essay on mother day in English

Essay on mother day in English

Essay on mother day in English , where we will learn about the importance of this day and the beginning of the celebration of the mother on this particular day, as well as the important information about the best gifts on this day. All that information we will know here in an essay on mother day in English.

Essay on mother day in English

Mother is the best thing in existence,she is your real treasure and source of happiness in this life .Mother is the supporter, motivation and constant love for you, and here we will know the importance of Mother’s Day and how to celebrate it in an essay on mother day in English.

The mother

The mother is a great person, who spends the most beautiful days of her life caring for her children, meeting their needs, and despite the tiredness and hardship that the mother bears, however, she continues to be patient and give love to her children.

As mentioned by God in his holy book, the mother’s pregnancy throughout the nine months is difficult, tired and sick, and she suffers from the most severe pain childbirth, and the loss of her life in fatigue; to raise her children the best education.

In honor of the mother and her efforts, people at the beginning of the twentieth century set a day to celebrate the Mother’s Day in honor of her.

Every year on 12 March, the whole world celebrates Mother’s Day. The celebration began on May 21, 1908 in Virginia.

-This day was determined by the Virginia official at the request of Anna Jarvis, and in some Countries The history of Mother’s Day is different from country to country, and in the Arab world it is celebrated on March 21.

The gifts that can be made on Mother’s Day range from gold jewelery, home furniture, electrical appliances, graphics, greeting cards, and handicrafts.

A home visit or at least a mother’s talk via video calls is the best mother can get on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is not only a matter for mothers; it is also possible to celebrate grandmothers and give gifts to them.

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