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Essay on Baghdad
Essay on Baghdad

Essay on Baghdad

Essay on Baghdad , Baghdad is one of the most famous areas in Iraq and one of the most interesting topics that a student might write about. The following are some of the paragraphs in which you can create several topics or you can use this topic, and you will find all the information about Baghdad here in an essay on Baghdad .

Essay on Baghdad


The largest governorate of the Republic of Iraq in terms of population, of seven million people approximately, and the second largest city in the Arab world also in terms of population.

The city is back to the Abbasi era in 145 AH established by the Abbasids under the reign of Abu Jaafar al-Mansur as a capital of the Abbasi state until the construction of the city of Samarra.

Dijlah River splits the town, it crosses Baghdad into two halves, one of the city of Karkh on the west bank of the river, and the city of Rusafa on the eastern bank of the river.

The governorate of Baghdad is home to many historic sites, which have long historical significance, including Iwan Kesseri in the area of ​​Madaen, and the first university in history, the Mustansiriya school.

As for the shrines, Baghdad have many tombs for important persons such as  Musa al-Kadhim, Abu Hanifa al-Nu’man , Abdul Qadir al-Kilani, Salman al-Farsi and others.

Baghdad name was chosen by its builder Abu Jaafar al-Mansur. This name was chosen after the name of a village that existed in that area.

Baghdad considered a center for the collection of merchants of Persian origin at the beginning of each month. The sources cited by al-Mansour as evidence for the village history states that the name of the village was Baghdan.

The city has several names, including Al-Zawra, the Round city, the City of Caliphs, the city of Al-Mansour and Dar-es-Salaam, but its common name is Baghdad to this day.

The city of Baghdad is located in the central region of the Republic of Iraq, which is a middle center between the northern and southern cities. The distance between Baghdad and Basra 445 kilometers south, and three hundred and fifty kilometers from Mosul to the north, and away from the governorate of Erbil a distance of three hundred and twenty kilometers.

Water availability and low risk of floods granted Baghdad a great importance and strategic location, which contributed to support the town to increase its influence and extension. Direct contact between Baghdad and the Tigris River also stimulated its influence and extension.

The Iraqi capital Baghdad is affected by the desert climate, as its summer is characterized by severe drought, and temperatures rise to 50 degrees Celsius in summer.


The capital of Baghdad is the center of the country’s economy, where it has factories and workshops. It is the trade link between neighboring countries such as Turkey, Syria, India and Southeast Asia.

The economy of Iraq and Baghdad depends particularly on industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors.

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