Essay about Riyadh city
Essay about Riyadh city

Essay about Riyadh city 3 models

Essay about Riyadh city , with all the important information  to everyone looking for information about the city of Riyadh in English, if you want to write a subject or article or research or Essay about Riyadh city in English, you will find here all the information you seek.

Essay about Riyadh city

Riyadh is one of the most beautiful cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the largest cities in the Kingdom in terms of space and you will find here everything you are looking for  about the city of Riyadh enables you to write Essay about Riyadh city in English.

 Riyadh city

Riyadh is one of the cities where many poets sing for its beauty , the linguistic meaning of the name of this city is the good green land, and the good orchard that pleased the eye when you look at it.

Located in the center of Saudi Arabia, this ancient city is considered to be the largest city in the Kingdom in terms of area and population.

It is one of the largest cities in the Arab world in terms of the city’s area and its extension.

The city of Riyadh is 1.435 square kilometers.

The population of the city according to the general population census in 2010 is about 5.30 million people, which is about one-sixth of the population of Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is divided into 15 administrative districts.

The history of the city of Riyadh to the most important Arab tribes, the tribe of Tasm, and the tribe of Dis, and in the days of those tribes, Riyadh was called Hagar al Yamamah,The tribes of Tasim and Jadis built many magnificent stone fortresses and palaces.

In the fourth century AH, this city was thriving economically and commercially and was the center of sale and purchase of the entire region.

The former capital of Saudi Arabia was an arid desert without green.

German architect Richard Bodeker, a garden engineer who designed many gardens within the city, became a green paradise full of what is beautiful, pleasing to the eye and delighting the heart.

It has become like a green oasis in the heart of the desert, where everyone comes to its greenery and beauty.

The urban movement started at an accelerated pace, racing through work and construction until this city became a model of sophistication and modernity until it became the vibrant heart of Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh city paragraph

There is no doubt that Riyadh is completely different from what it was in the past centuries, as it has become more modern and more luxurious for its people and for all those who come to it.

It is one of the most in-demand areas for everyone, due to its being the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So we find it shining in the morning and in the evening.

In the morning, the city of Riyadh is famous for many areas suitable for roaming and picnicking for families and individuals, such as Al-Watan Park, Wadi Hanifa, Riyadh Zoo, King Salman Wild Park, Salam Park, and other areas where you can start your day and get a lot of energy and charge yourself with vitality and energy.

In the evening, you can take a walk in the Water Splash Park in Riyadh, the Sapphire Land in Riyadh, the Snow City in Riyadh, Al Hokair Land in Riyadh, the Star City amusement park, and many other wonderful areas for children, families and individuals.

It is also possible to visit many famous malls and shopping such as Riyadh Gallery Mall, City Mall Riyadh, Marina Mall Riyadh, Al Salam Mall, Panorama Mall, and many other malls that are located everywhere in Riyadh.

Therefore, Riyadh is very interesting and you can not get bored of it or from the activities offered always, whether in parties or malls and picnics in parks and roads.



Paragraph about Riyadh

There is no doubt that Riyadh plays a major role in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its progress and prosperity. And every day that passes we can see the great change that is taking place in it, whether in the economic or cultural aspect.

We can see a completely different city now that takes care of young people and provides all the requirements of life and luxury, and it does not lack anything.

In the past, many people traveled for holidays in other countries, but after the development in Saudi Arabia, especially in Riyadh, all kinds of entertainment became available and in the latest form. Which made it a different and diverse destination for many people.

For those who search for trade, it is rich in that, for those who search for science, famous offices and large exhibitions, they are always active and present, for those who search for luxury, it is there.

Riyadh has become rich and great and has everything a person requires and there is no longer any need to go out to any other country to spend some nice time.

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